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As we approach the holiday season, things are starting to cool down. Finally, being outside is bearable but soon temperatures will start to drop. Although Arizona is known for its warm climate, our winter temps can get close to freezing. It’s time to turn off the AC and crank up the heat.

How do solar window films control temperatures in the winter time? Think of it this way, if there’s a draft coming from under the door what would you do? You would try to find a way to seal it. Perhaps by placing a blanket or something beneath it to close the gap. This would keep the warm air inside while preventing the draft from entering the room. Essentially solar window films do the same thing.

The solar films are fitted, applied, and adhered directly to the glass. Then a caulking or sealant is placed around the film and the window frame to hold it in place and prevent any gaps between the film and glass. The film reinforces the windows and helps provide additional insulation for the home. Heat enters and escapes through two areas of your home, the doors and windows. By applying the film you’re reducing heat loss and maintaining a more controlled and comfortable environment.

According to statistics provided by the Department of Energy, two thirds of total energy costs accrued by homeowners are a result of heating and cooling costs. Imagine if you could cut those down dramatically. Solar window films allow you to cut energy costs by reducing the amount of time your heater needs to be running during the day. This is because the film allows a room to get up to temperature quicker and maintain that temperature longer than rooms without solar films. There would be no more fighting with the thermostat this winter.

You’ve heard a number of reasons as to why solar window films can benefit you this winter. So why not call today and find out for yourself just how affordable solar window films can be. 623-780-4950. It’s time to be proactive and get ahead of the heating costs this winter and those awful cooling bills during the summer. Take advantage of the year round savings with solar window films provided by AZ Glass Tinting. We are your local window tinting specialists!

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