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The holiday season is peak season for theft. Thieves know most people do two things this time of year: spend money on gifts and go out of town. These factors add increased appeal to burglars putting homeowners at greater risks. Privacy and security are worries we all have. We want to feel safe in our home and we want our family to feel protected. On top of security alarm systems, solar window film can help improve your privacy and security in your home.

Providing Privacy: Solar window films come in a variety of options. Most tint provides a level of privacy as it makes it more difficult to see inside your home. However, there are tints that were made specifically to provide privacy with lots of options to choose from. These films include frosted films, mirrored films and solar films. If a burglar is looking for a home to break into, they often look into your home through your windows. Applying window film to target areas like your entry way could eliminate prying eyes from peeking in. If they can’t see in it won’t be worth their time. Window films are great deterrents to theft.

Improving Security: Your windows are the most vulnerable area of your home. Security films can help keep you safe. Windows are an easy entry point for thieves to quickly get in and get out. The only thing standing between them and access to your home is a small pane of glass that can be easily broken. Installing window films can decrease the chance of theft by adding an additional barrier between burglars and you. The window film adheres to the glass binding it so to speak. It reinforces the glass and will help prevent it from breaking. If an attempt is made it will slow down or potentially stop entry all together. The film will also hold the glass together protecting your family from injury.

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