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Commercial buildings are the perfect candidates for window film. When you imagine a commercial office building, I bet your vision is similar to most people’s and would include several stories of floor to ceiling windows. Almost every office building is designed with windows everywhere to provide a more open feel for those who work inside. No one wants to feel like they work inside a prison where it’s dark and closed in. Aesthetically it’s more pleasing but it’s not very practical. Windows present opportunity for heat, light and privacy concerns.

Window films are designed to do more than just cut down on heat. They offer a variety of benefits such as reducing glare, maintaining comfortable temperatures, and increasing privacy. Window films cut down on 99% of the solar UV rays that enter the building posing a danger for all who work there. They provide UV protection than most sun blocks on the market. Additionally window films can block out up to 85% of the heat entering through those big picturesque windows. To top it off they reduce glare by nearly 95% making it easier to see those computer and phone screens in the office.

So why are commercial buildings the perfect recipients of solar window films? With those big windows, the sun is letting in an excessive amount of heat making the office stuffy and miserable. Most companies have to counter the heat with air conditioners, fans and other energy sucking cooling solitons. Solar window films block out a good chunk of the suns energy including what causes heat gain. By reducing the power of the suns rays entering your building so to speak, the building stays cooler and the air conditioner doesn’t have to be worked to the max. Through blocking out the heat, the office space is able to maintain a more consistent temperature and a comfortable work environment for all who work there. This means happy employees, productive environment and savings on your electric bill!

Additionally, solar window films reduce the glare. As stated above the films can reduce nearly all of the components that cause glare or excessive light. I think we can all relate to staring at a computer or TV screen and having to squint or adjust to avoid the sunlight. At work of all places, you need to be able to see what’s in front of you. The films help prevent this so there’s no need to squint or constantly reposition your computer monitor as the sun moves throughout the day. This is just another way to make your employees happier and more productive. They say environment is everything and they are right!

Finally, office buildings are like giant snow globes. There’s so much glass and everyone can see in leaving you with absolutely zero privacy. No one wants to be stuck in a fish bowl. Widow films can help increase privacy during the day by making it difficult to see inside. Depending on the film you select, visibility from the outside looking in may be close to zero. By increasing privacy, you’re also increasing security. Window films help keep peering eyes out protecting consumer data and other important information pertinent to the success of your business.

So pick up the phone and give us a call. Let us set you up for success by improving your work environment and providing you with a functional office space thanks to solar window films! Call us today for a free quote at 6237804950. We are happy to offer you solid advice and credible solutions.

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