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Want to save money on your energy bill? Solar window films are designed to help neutralize temperatures in your home or office. The goal is to make the space more comfortable, protect your assets, and lower your electric bill. But how much can you actually anticipate saving on your energy bill with solar window film?

Cost savings are determined by many factors including which type of film you purchased, the direction your property faces, environmental factors, weather, and etc. However most films are designed with a similar formula in which they block out about 65% of the suns energy and 99% percent of UV rays. By eliminating most of the suns energy from entering through your windows, your home will stay cooler and more comfortable in the hot summer months. In the winter, the film provides insulation to prevent cold air from entering and warm air from escaping. By maintaining a controlled climate, your air conditioner and heater do not have to be constantly running allowing a reduction in the energy used each month. What this means to you is a lower electric bill.

Who doesn’t love the sound of a lower electric bill! According to a few studies done on solar window films, the cost savings is somewhere between 5-10 percent year round. During the winter months and hot summer months the savings can be far greater as high as 25 percent. Typically the investment you make in solar window films is earned back through cost savings within 1-3 years. The return on investment is quick and the savings continue throughout the lifespan of the film. In addition to your cost savings on energy consumption, some states offer rebates or incentives for investing in solar window film. Green rebates are offered to homeowners and businesses. You may be able to get a rebate or grant to put towards your costs. Look into the opportunities near you.

To find out more about how solar window films can help save you money and keep your home or office more comfortable, call today. We would love to help provide you with some more information and a hassle free quote. Call us at 623-780-4950.

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