Decorative Window Film Offers Endless Possibilities

Decorative window films offer some amazing possibilities for homes and businesses. Here are a few reasons why decorative window film is a great option for you:

1) It’s a fantastic way to personalize your space. Decorative window films allow owners, tenants and landlords to personalize a room or an entire building without spending a fortune. Its affordable to purchase and easy to maintain. Decorative window film, like other solar window films, is both easily installed and removed as well as durable making it ideal for short term or long term use. You can update, improve or personalize any area of glass in your home or office to better fit your needs and personality.

2) It offers endless choices. The sky is the limit when it’s comes to decorative window film. There’s frosted films, textured films, colored films, gradient films, patterned films, specialty films and custom films. If you don’t see a pattern or color you like, we can help you make one! You can have a one of a kind home or office that truly represents you or your business. We can even make films with your business logo or name on it.

3) Decorative film can be applied to any glass surface. You read that right! Decorative films can be applied to store front windows, glass doors, mirrors, and even interior glass showers for some examples. It’s a great way to add some privacy to a glass shower in your home or a conference room in your office. You could also welcome clients into your office with some branding by creating custom film representing your company. How about sprucing up that entry way with some patterned window film on your entry windows and front door? These are just a few ideas. If you can dream it, we can do it!

Decorative window film can offer some of the same benefits of your traditional solar film by offering solar protection, reducing the risk of shattered glass and increasing privacy. It will last a lifetime, typically between 10-15 years, and it provides easy upkeep. To learn more about decorative window film and/or to get a free quote call us at 623-780-4950. We would love to help you!