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It seems every time we turn on the news there is some story about a burglary or attempted robbery inside a nice quiet neighborhood. It’s hard to believe it can happen so close to home, but it does. We cannot stop burglars from committing crimes but we can do the best to protect our home and ourselves.

Being proactive. Security systems are the obvious theoretical deterrent that many homeowners invest in. However security alarms notify us of a disturbance and attempt to scare off the robber, but they do not necessarily protect from breaking or entering. Security bars and doors are options that prevent physical entry, unfortunately they are so unsightly. Why make your home, your sanctuary, look like a dungeon? A sensible and attractive solution is window film.

How does it work? Security window films come in many varieties with multiple purposes. Security film is designed based off of film created to protect government building during bombings and eliminate glass breakage. Now residential and commercial film is not as heavy duty as “bomb proof” film but it’s created with the same goal in mind, protection and prevention. The film is tinted to eliminate people on the outside from looking in. It’s also adhesive and created to hold the glass together if breakage occurs. It’s durable, strong and affordable.

What are the benefits? Preventing people from being able to see in your home increases privacy and protects your belongings. If a burglar is going to homes and peering through windows to see what is available for them to steal, it will deter interest in making your home a target. They will be less likely to take a risk if they do not know what the reward will be. Also, in the event that someone does make an attempt to force entry into your home through a window or glass door the adhesive will slow the process. Breaking through bare glass is easy, it explodes. However imagine trying to open a present with duct tape. It would take a lot of work and effort to get through it. Additionally if the glass is broken it will not become a safety hazard for your family as it essentially stays put on the film piece. These are only a few of the benefits security window film can provide.

It’s time to be proactive and set up physical barriers between your family and criminals. Call us today to get a free quote and more information on security window films 6237804950. Get more than peace of mind with us, get a solution!

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