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Homes these days are being built with extra windows, large glass doors, and bright open entry ways because aesthetically it’s more pleasing. But is it actually sensible and functional? It definitely creates an issue of privacy. The more glass in the home, the more vulnerable it becomes. No one wants to live in a glass box where everyone can see what you’re doing. So what privacy solutions does the average home owner have?

Privacy film is a great option for the customer who seeks to reduce visibility for passerbys, nosey neighbors, and solicitors. It allows the homeowner to put up a wall so to speak essentially creating a safety net for those who live there. This safety net prevents everyone on the outside from seeing in and provides serious peace of mind to the homeowner.

Privacy film comes in a large array of choices. There’s traditional tinted film, frosted film, patterned film and colored film. Each film offers similar benefits but options for the customer to suit their individual needs. For example in one home, a customer may choose decorative window film for an entry way door and surrounding windows to spruce up the space but keep prying eyes out. In a bathroom they may select frosted film to go over shower glass to increase privacy for those in the shower and decrease visibility for those outside the shower. Tinted film may be applied to the remaining exterior windows to provide a subtle and practical solution for privacy issues.

Privacy film is a magnificent option and great product for any home. Not only does it keep people from seeing in, it also offers the benefits that typical solar films do. These benefits include glare prevention, heat reduction, and protection from excess light and UV rays. It’s important to remember that privacy film is designed to offer privacy during day time hours. During evening hours if you have all your lights on the film will not be able to block others from seeing in.

Privacy film is also great for offices and businesses. There are far too many benefits to list and too many options to share right now. For more information on how we can increase privacy for you, call 6237804950 today. We would love to discuss your options and offer you a hassle free quote.

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