Combatting Sun Damage And Fading With Solar Film

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Fading and sun damage are the result of overexposure to 3 majors factors: UV rays, visible light and heat. Summer is still a ways away but the sun is out and the heat has already kicked in. We had 100 degree temps this week and it’s expected to continue to rise. The sun causes excess heat, glare, and fading. All of these things are unwanted and preventable with solar films. We hear all the time about the benefits of solar window film in regards to heat and light but not much about how the film can protect against fading.

UV light is responsible for around 40% of the damage caused by the sun. Fading is a result a chemical reaction between the sunlight and dyes in fabrics or materials. UV rays are longer rays than visible light rays causing deeper penetration of fabrics. The rays break down the bonds in the fabrics weakening the color and integrity of the material. Overtime bleaching and disintegration occur.

Just like the sun can burn our skin, it can cause similar damage to your belongings too. The heat from the sun absorbs moisture from wood and paint causing it to become dry and brittle. Eventually leading to peeling, warping, splintering and/or cracking. Most of the damage done is irreversible. The toughest part is you don’t notice it happening bit by bit every day until it’s too late.

How do you protect your home and the belongings from sun damage? The best way to protect your items is to reduce heat and UV exposure in your home. The sun is a pro at finding its way into your space. Blinds block out most of the light but the gaps between them allows for that sneaky sun to still make its way in.

Curtains and shutters also leave voids allowing for moderate sun exposure. Solar window film goes from corner to corner cloaking the window and blocking out up to 60-80% of the solar energy and up to 99% of UV rays. It’s the best protection and value you can find against solar heat and energy.

By becoming proactive against the cause of the problem, you can be part of the solution. Call us today to get a hassle free quote and to find out more about the benefits of solar window film at 6237804950. Let our experts help you find the best product and solution for your home. We look forward to hearing from you.

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