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Imagine sitting in your living room turning on the television to watch your favorite show and not being able to see the screen because the sun is creating a horrible glare on the TV. You need glare control. You get up to adjust the blinds and sit back down to realize that the other window is the one causing the problem. We have all been there. Who wants to play guess which window is causing the glare? I sure don’t. Aside from shutting your blinds or curtains completely when watching TV, most window treatments won’t stop annoying glare from the sun. Solar window films are not your typical window treatment. Let’s find out more about them to see how they can help with glare reduction.

How is a glare created on your TV or computer screen? Well electronics are created with a bunch of wires, circuit boards and inner workings that have to be protected from environmental exposures like dust and dirt. So companies encase our TVs and computers in plastic and glass. The glass is there to keep dust out but allow for viewing as we have to be able to see the projected images on the screen. Glass is incredibly reflective and absorbs sources of light causing serious glare. The more light that comes in the more glare you will have. So what you need to understand is glass attracts light and light creates glare. Windows are one of the largest sources of light in your home or office and sunlight will ultimately find a way in even with the smallest gap between blinds or curtains. Combatting glare is a tough battle to fight. The good news is we have a solution for you.

Solar window films work on your windows like sunglasses work on your eyes. It provides protection from harmful UV rays, excess light and blocks glare from inhibiting your view. Solar film is applied directly on your glass from corner to corner providing a solid seal and preventing that unwanted solar energy from sneaking into your room. Every product is created with a purpose and there are so many choices to choose from there will definitely be a choice that’s perfect for you. No matter which film you choose you will have immediate protection from the sun after the application has been completed. Solar film can provide up to 95% glare control to your home or office. That makes a huge difference. It will make it easier to access any electronic device with virtually no glare even in the brightest rooms. No more squinting your eyes or moving your screen around to be able to see it. Invest in solar window films to enjoy the comforts of glare control and even more amazing benefits.

On top of glare control, you will also be receiving up to 80% reduction in solar energy coming into your room and almost 99% protection from the UV rays that cause harm to people, pets and belongings. That means improving overall comfort in your home or office and increasing function in your space. Call us today for more information on how solar window film can help you best utilize your home or office at 623-780-4950. No two homes or offices are the same. Our experts can help recommend products to offer solutions for your specific needs.

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