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The summer has already hit us hard and it’s only the beginning of May. We had 100 degree temps last week. Maybe time got away from you when you were planning to look into solutions for heat control before it got unbearably hot out. Well I’m here to tell you that even though summer is upon us it’s not too late! The convenience of solar window films is a quick, affordable and easy solution you can implement right now.

The benefit of solar window films is they are retrofit applications which basically means they are sized and applied on site. They are after market solutions for your windows and other areas of glass in your home. No films come precut or standard size. We custom cut the film to your windows covering from corner to corner to get the perfect fit. Because we cut them you won’t have to wait weeks or months to have them made for your home. It’s convenient, fast and efficient.

As solar film professionals we keep product on hand at all times. If you’re in a rush to get that heat solution installed right away, we can help you out. Most products are available and ready to go as soon as we can get you on the schedule or should we say as soon as you can fit us into your busy life. Most appointments are made for about a week out. So you don’t have to stress that it’s too late to get film, this season is just beginning. Plus we will come to you for a quote and show you the product samples you can choose from!

Another perk of solar window film is affordable when you’re comparing other solutions. Again because it’s not custom made it keeps costs relatively low and manageable for home or business owners. On top of the great price for the product, solar films cut down on utility costs which saves you money from the date of installation onwards into the future. It’s not a big project like installing and purchasing all new windows where you have to save up over a long period of time to be able to afford it. You can choose small projects or do your entire home or office. We can work with your budget. Just another benefit window films offer that blinds and curtains don’t.

So let’s recap… window films are readily available through AZ Solar Control, they are easily installed, affordable and begin working immediately. I told you to stop worrying about hesitating before. Now is the time to call. We can take care of that heat before it gets any more unbearable than it already is. Call us for a free quote today 6237804950. Let our experts relieve some of that stress and take care of the heat for you.

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