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Solar window films serve more of a purpose than just preventing sun and heat from entering a room. Decorative film can also help add some much needed personality to your space or improve privacy on an interior or exterior window. Decorative window film offers the benefits of traditional solar film with flair, style and options for any home or office.

Homes are our safe haven, our space in which we want to customize and make our very own. You want your home to represent you and reflect your personality and personal style. You can match any window film to your style be it modern, contemporary, vintage, farmhouse, and etc. Decorative window films come with countless options from colors, patterns, frosted, geometric, stained glass, and more. We can even help you customize your own film that no one else has. This is always a great option for businesses looking to advertise on storefront windows or doors.

Decorative window films can also offer much needed privacy. For instance in a bathroom with a glass shower door, there’s no curtain to provide any privacy if someone were to enter the room while someone is showering. Often customers contact us about adding some film to the glass to provide a level of comfort for the resident. Frosted or etched films add style and improved privacy. Frosted and other films also offer privacy on exterior windows as well. If your home or office has little peep windows by the front door, adding some decorative window film can prevent others from peering right into your home. Take advantage of the solar protection and privacy benefits of window films.

Decorative window film may also be used to improve curb appeal or the aesthetic look or your place from the exterior. Instead of going through all the trouble of doing stained glass or ornate custom curtains on those entry way windows and accent windows, install some window film. There’s so many patterns to choose from you will have no issues finding one that suits your style. Decorative window film can help you update your space and make it look more modern in no time. Cover up those dates mirrored closet doors. Make old window panes look fresh and new. The films are easily installed by a professional and do not look tacky like the DIY ones you can pick up in the store. They are beautiful and great for someone interested in personalizing their space on a budget. Interior designers contact us for their clients all of the time.

Decorative window film can be applied to any glass including mirrors, garage door windows and even conference room windows. Anything you can dream up, we can help you create. Be creative, make your space feel like yours. Now that you know the possibilities are endless, call us today for a free quote and more information on window films at 623-780-4950. Our experts are happy to help.

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