Diving Into The Pros & Cons Of Solar Film

Solar window film is a wonderful solution for the home or office. It provides numerous benefits at a relatively low cost. Like any investment it requires some research and consideration. Here are some pros and cons to assist you in making your decision. Pros- Window film is easy to install and maintain. If you decide […]

Will Window Film Make The Rooms Too Dark?

The summers here in Arizona are hot, bright, and long. Sunlight penetrates our windows for about 13 hours a day during the summer which increases exposure to extreme heat, excess light, and dangerous UV radiation. Since we can’t beat the heat our goal is to avoid it as much as we can by staying inside. […]

How Solar Films Help You “Go Green”

The “go green” movement is bigger than ever before. Our society is becoming more environmentally conscious as we realize how our past lifestyles have adversely impacted our planet. We cannot undo the damage of past generations but we can protect our planet going forward. We need to start being proactive. This is why the green […]