How Solar Films Help You “Go Green”

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The “go green” movement is bigger than ever before. Our society is becoming more environmentally conscious as we realize how our past lifestyles have adversely impacted our planet. We cannot undo the damage of past generations but we can protect our planet going forward. We need to start being proactive. This is why the green movement has taken off. Consumers are making changes in their home that are kinder to the world we live in. Solar window films are one way to make a difference in your home and reduce the impact on the planet.

How do solar window films help the planet? Solar window films reduce solar energy by up to 80 percent and almost entirely eliminate dangerous UV rays by up to 99%. As a result from cutting out the bulk of solar energy and heat, solar window films can help conserve energy. By reducing heat gain household cooling units do not have to be constantly running. Air conditioning units emit gases and contribute to global warming like most machine use. Running your AC all day will not only rack up the electric bill but also contributes to long term damage to our planet. By lessening the use of machines like AC units and other cooling agents, you’re participating in the green movement.

In addition to conserving energy, solar window films help eliminate waste which is a big part of conservation. Solar films can be used to beef up or reinforce old windows. Instead of having to replace dingy windows, solar films may be an option for your home. Upcycle, improve, and repurpose those old windows instead of tossing them out. Furthermore UV rays are known to do a lot of damage to surfaces like fabrics, paint, and wood. I’m sure we have all accidentally left something out in the sun and found it completely sun bleached before. The sun is powerful and can rot practically any surface. Installing solar films helps to protect your belongings and investments in your home. Instead of having to replace sun bleached furniture every few years for example, you can get the most out of that couch and utilize it for a long time by preventing the sun from damaging it. This will promote less waste and less bulk trash in our landfills. This is just another way solar films are part of the green initiative.

Solar window films are great for your pocket book and are environmentally conscious. They conserve funds and promote global conservation one home at a time. The benefits of solar window films are endless and extend beyond the benefits discussed today. Call us at 6237804950 to find out other ways window films can help you get the most out of your home.

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