Will Window Film Make The Rooms Too Dark?

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Solar window films provide homeowners and businesses with countless benefits. The summers here in Arizona are hot, bright, and long. Sunlight penetrates our windows for about 13 hours a day during the summer which increases exposure to extreme heat, excess light, and dangerous UV radiation. Since we can’t beat the heat our goal is to avoid it as much as we can by staying inside. Unfortunately our homes and office buildings are covered in windows which don’t provide much of retreat from the heat. So what options do we have? Well, there’s window treatments like curtains and blinds but they block out light completely. Natural light can’t come through the fabric or wood. No one wants to sit in the dark all day. The real and optimal solution is solar window films.

They cut out the majority of solar energy that causes heat and UV exposure. They also save on energy costs and maintain a comfortable environment year round. However despite all the known benefits, we still hear some objections. One of the biggest objections to solar window film is that people believe it will make the room too dark. Homeowners and businesses don’t want to sacrifice that beautiful natural light by installing something they feel is dimming and distracting.

Solar window films fortunately are not super dimming in a room. They come in a huge array of choices from clear to black but most films are hardly noticeable when they are professionally installed. Just like a vehicle window tint, solar window films offer a subtle tint with an unhindered view. It’s not distracting or dark. It’s actually quite the opposite creating a sleek and clean look on your windows. Solar window films reduce up to 80 percent of solar energy blocking out most of the sun keeping a nice comfortable environment. They also almost completely stop harmful UV rays by cutting 99 percent of them from coming through your windows and putting you at risk. While they provide these benefits, there’s also the benefit of natural light. Since they are transparent they allow lots of natural light to enter the space without the heat. You will have a well lit and comfortable room to enjoy all day.

So contrary to the fear of darkening your rooms, solar window films help maintain a bright and beautiful naturally lit space. No more hiding out during the summer it’s time to enjoy the sun. Get some window tint professionally installed to start capitalizing on the benefits window film provides. Call us today 6237804950 for a free quote and to find out more ways solar window film can help your space.

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