Property Ownership & Solar Films

Owning real estate such as a home or commercial building is an amazing investment. Typically the value of the property continues to rise and gain equity with each year of ownership. But being a property owner means maintaining your property to protect the value of your investment. Maintenance includes your every day upkeep like cleaning […]

Protection From UV Rays & Sun Exposure

Summer time in Arizona means longer days as the sun beats down on us into the evening hours. Although sunshine has its benefits in smalls doses by supplying us with vitamin D and vitamin B, it has greater risks than reward this time of year. What are some of the risks from sun exposure? The […]

The Value Of Professional Installation

Doug Installing Film

Cost is a huge factor when you’re looking to make some updates to your home. Sometimes cutting corners doesn’t make a big difference in quality and outcome, other times it’s not worth the risks. So what’s the deal with solar window films? Is this one of those projects you can do yourself? Solar window films […]