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Cost is a huge factor when you’re looking to make some updates to your home. Sometimes cutting corners doesn’t make a big difference in quality and outcome, other times it’s not worth the risks. So what’s the deal with solar window films? Is this one of those projects you can do yourself or do you need professional installation?

Solar window films are tints made up of thin polymer layered upon one another. They are created with the same technology NASA uses to protect the space shuttles from solar heat and radiation while in space. They were designed to block out and/or absorb solar energy. The back of the films are adhesive and stick directly to the glass in which they are applied on. When properly installed the film will be custom fitted to the window stretching from corner to corner without any gaps or voids that may allow the sun in. The film is also free of bubbles or other detects. Essentially, the film should not be distracting and should be practically undetected by the human eye when films are of professional grade and quality.

Buying films in a home improvement store is always an option easily available to you as a customer. The films you can see on display at places like Lowes and Home Depot do come from big brand names like 3m but often are not the same professional and commercial grade products available to companies like AZ Glass Tinting Glass Tinting. The costs are lower which can be appealing to the consumer. But the phrase you get what you pay for is absolutely true. The lower the cost, the lower the quality. Think about the difference between going to a restaurant and eating a meal versus buying their frozen dinners and preparing it for yourself at home. When you go to the restaurant you’re having the meal made by the experts who do it for a living so the product comes out exactly as described and expected. Doing it at home even with instructions, it rarely turns out like you wanted it to because you don’t have the knowledge, experience or access to the tools/products that the professionals do. It comes from the same brand but the quality and outcome is absolutely different. With DIY solar film you may save some money but you’re gambling on your ability to pick the right product and properly install it which is unlikely because you lack the professionally trained insight to do so. Cutting corners isn’t always the wise choice.

Now what is the issue with self installation? So you decide on the DIY film you think will save you money at the local hardware store. You bring it home and watch a few YouTube videos. You think you know what you’re doing so you get started. What could go wrong? For starters you may not have the right measurements or square footage so you may have purchased too little or too much product. Secondly you haven’t cut film before and could easily ruin the film or botch the measurement costing you time and product. Also, installing the film takes an expert because you can easily cause damage to the film or your windows in the process. People who DIY their film often leave bubbles, scratch or ruin the film because they don’t have the tools designed for the job or the experience to do it seamlessly. Finally professional installation is often accompanied by additional perks like company backed warranties on the film and existing glass. If you install the film yourself you won’t have these warranties and you run the risk of voiding the warranty on your glass.

So what can we do for you? At AZ Glass Tinting Glass Tinting we will help you through the process from start to finish. We will take that first call when you’re still in the “will this work for me” process of doing your research. We will save you time by providing you all the facts and information upfront, save you the research. We will also help answer your questions with facts and information to help you make an educated decision. If you decide to move forward we will come out and measure your windows for you and give you a free professional estimate on the total cost for your planned project. If you like the price we will help you select the appropriate film for your needs and handle the rest for you hassle and worry free. We can get you on the schedule quickly and have the project completed sooner than you anticipated. We will professionally install the tint to make sure you have the best solar protection we can offer you and quality that lasts. We offer a lifetime warranty on most of our products and are always a phone call away if you have an issue. So what are you getting with the little bit extra you spent on professional installation? A whole lot of extra and the quality you couldn’t get anywhere else. So call us today 623-780-4950. We are happy to help.

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