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Summer time in Arizona means longer days as the sun beats down on us into the evening hours. Although sunshine has its benefits in smalls doses by supplying us with vitamin D and vitamin B, it has greater risks from UV rays than reward this time of year. What are some of the risks from sun exposure?

The sun poses many risks including heat poisoning, sun poisoning, skin cancer, burns, advanced aging, dehydration and damage to our belongings. To escape the heat we spend a lot of our summer indoors in air conditioning. However, UV rays are sneaky and can enter in through any void such as a glass door or window. The rays can bounce off of water, mirrored surfaces and other reflective surfaces and be redirected back into our homes through the windows. Being indoors does not mean your are without risk.

What are UV rays? UV rays are a form of electromagnetic radiation. UV rays are produced by the solar energy and are what we consider invisible light. They have more energy than visible light but less radiation and energy than X-rays. UV rays aka ultraviolet radiation are the highest contributing factor to skin cancer according to the American Cancer Society. Exposure even subtly over an extended period of time puts us at greater risk.

UV rays are divided into three categories: UVA, UVB and UVC rays. UVA rays are the lowest or weakest forms of UV rays. They are what cause most minor sun burns, small cell damage, premature aging and wrinkles on skin. They also can cause damage to and ruin our belongings like furniture, paintings and wood. UVB rays have more energy than UVA rays but do not have as much energy as UVC rays. The UVB rays are the main causes of harsh sunburns and skin cancers. These rays are the most detrimental to our health. UVC rays are mostly destroyed by our atmosphere and not as likely to reach us. So how can we protect ourselves and our personal belongings?

Solar window films are adhesive tints designed to protect your home from excess heat, light and solar energy including dangerous UV rays. They cover the entire window or glass door coating every space from corner to corner providing fail proof protection for you and your family. The film blocks out up to 80% of solar energy and up to 99% of harmful UV rays. Solar films generally provide better protection than sunscreen. On top of this protection from the damaging sun, solar films also cut down on energy costs and regulate temperature indoors year round. Solar films allow you to live in complete comfort without worry about sun exposure to you or your home.

To find out more about solar films and the benefits that go beyond UV protection, call us today at 623-780-4950.

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