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It’s monsoon season and so far the storms have been fierce. Storm damage can range from shattered windows to downed trees and can cost you a fortune to repair. We cannot control the weather but we can be proactive to protect our home and office.

Window films come in a variety of options from decorative to security. No matter which option you choose all film has the special power of anti-shatter protection. Windows and other glass are especially vulnerable to breakage. Breakage poses risk to the people inside your home or office and also leaves your place open to the elements for further damage. After a window is broken your home or office can even become an easy target for theft. Prevent glass breakage and injury with widow films from AZ Glass Tinting Glass Tinting.

Window film is installed to help reenforce the existing glass. How does this work? Well the film is applied directly to the glass with an adhesive. That adhesive cures to the glass creating a seamless bond between film and glass. As an example, think about a regular piece of paper and how easily it can be ruined. Now imagine a piece of paper that has been laminated. The paper has been protected and reenforced with the lamination. Film works similarly in the fact that it protects the glass and makes window damage less likely to occur. Now in the event of glass actually braking, the film holds the glass together into one piece instead of allowing it to shatter all over the floor. The film ensures the glass breaks safely and prevents the risk of injury.

Window films offer benefits beyond glass protection. Find out more from our experts on how we can help you protect your home or your business today. It’s time to be proactive instead of reactive. Let us help! Call us for a free quote and more information on window films at 6237804950.

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