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Solar window films are increasing in popularity and for great reason. Once used traditionally for commercial use, homeowners are now taking full advantage of the benefits of solar window films for residential use. As one of the top window film professionals in the valley we do receive a ton of questions from potential customers. Here are some frequently asked questions that we hear from our prospects and clients…

What is window film?
– Solar window film is a retro fit polyester tint designed with technology to block out or reject excess heat and light. Most films are installed on the inside and applied with adhesive directly to the glass. Like a vehicle tint, solar films can help keep a space cooler, make it more functional and more comfortable.

Why choose film over shutters and screens?
– Most people think of more traditional solutions when you mention a room is too hot or too bright. Curtains, shutters, and screens may offer some relief from that awful sun but with the relief also comes obstruction. Traditional methods block your view and do not allow the wanted natural light in.

How much does it cost?
– Since each installation is completely different than any other, giving an estimate without seeing the windows is nearly impossible. We can provide free quotes once we measure your windows and discuss the product of choice. However window films are an inexpensive solution compared to most alternatives. There are options for almost any budget.

How long will it take?
– The process starts with a free quote. We come over and measure, then provide you an estimate on the total cost for the job. If you decide to move forward we will order the film you selected and get you on the schedule for installation. Most installations only take a day or two to complete. It’s a pretty quick and easy process.

Will window films damage my windows?
– No. Window film is a temporary solution for sun and heat control. You can leave it on for as long as you’d like and remove it when you’re done. Our films are installed by professionals who exercise proper care and take precautions to protect your glass. They clean the glass thoroughly and apply the tint with a safe soap solution that is non-abrasive.

These are just a few of the questions we get. You may have more questions you’d like to discuss that we would be glad to help you with. Give us a call today at 6237804950. Let our experts help point you in the right direction.

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