How To Update Your Home With Film

Does your home need some updating? Here are some ways to update your home with window film. It’s time to think outside the box and keep some money in your pocketbook. Curb appeal is absolutely everything when you own your home. As far as creating value goes, the first thing anyone see is the exterior […]

Quick List Of Facts

Curved cut window with tint

Solar window film has been around for decades. Most people were unaware of it or had misconceptions until recently because solar window film was used mostly commercially. Now that it’s prevalent in both commercial and residential properties, the interest in it continues to grow. Unfortunately the internet is full of bad information. As experts in […]

Setting The Record Straight

There are so many myths surrounding solar window film. Here are some of the most prominent ones and the greatest hesitations from prospective clients. The benefits of solar film far outweigh any hesitations. Myth: Window films cause glass breakage. False. Solar window films are almost never the single cause of glass breakage on existing glass. […]