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There are so many myths surrounding solar window film. Here are some of the most prominent ones and the greatest hesitations from prospective clients. The benefits of solar film far outweigh any hesitations. Let’s dispel some of those myths and set the record straight.

Myth: Window films cause glass breakage. False. Solar window films are almost never the single cause of glass breakage on existing glass. Most glass breaks as a result of several factors that contribute to thermal breakage. Most typically breakage occurs when the glass has damage or has not be manufactured/installed to meet industry standards. Whether single or dual pane, glass breakage is a myth not a fact and shouldn’t be a reason to delay solar window films. Additionally to back this sentiment, AZ Glass Tinting Glass Tinting offers glass warranties on most installations to protect the glass windows in your home or office if breakage were to occur. We offer our customers quality products, professional installations and peace of mind.

Myth: Solar films are only useful in the hot summer months. False. Solar window films are actually a year round solution. Hot or cold, window film helps control the temperature and environment in your space. During the hot months the film helps keep the heat and light out of your home or office to maintain a comfortable and functional climate. They lock in the cool air in the summer and prevent the warm air from escaping in the winter. Plus solar films will help you save on your energy bill all year long. See, it is a year round benefit!

Myth: Solar films are a temporary solution not a long term solution. False. Window films are designed to last a lifetime so to speak. Most films last around 10-15 years. Now a decade to me isn’t a short term or bandaid solution. These films are designed to stand up to the elements, time, and provide long term benefits to the homeowner or business owner. The risks for discoloration, damage, peeling or other defects during the lifetime of the film are slim and most products are backed by a lifetime warranty.

Myth: Solar films look tacky and make the room look too dark. False. Window films used to look super metallic, cheap even and yes they did block out both the good with the bad light. However, times have changed and technology is an amazing thing. Solar window films come in so many choices there’s bound to be a product for even the pickiest home or business owner. Additionally the amount of light you allow in and deflect is up to you. Like we said, choices. Some products offer the same benefits and protection with almost complete transparency. The films are hardly detectable by the naked eye.

So now that the myths have been debunked, it’s time to learn more about the benefits and options available with solar window films. Call us today for more information and a free quote at 6237804950.

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