Understanding The Language Of Solar Film

Questions About Window Tinting
Solar window film is an amazing investment. However, shopping for solar films can be  intimidating and incredibly confusing. There’s so many choices and different terms that you have most likely never heard of. It’s easy as a consumer to feel overwhelmed and discouraged. We recommend contacting your local solar window film professional like us here at Arizona Solar Control to get the facts and help you sort through the information. But for quick reference, here are some terms that can help you better understand the products and how films work.
Solar Energy Transmission: This references the amount of solar energy that penetrates or gets through the film into the room versus the amount of energy that is blocked.Solar Energy Reflection: This term basically means the amount of solar energy that is reflected and redirected away by the glazing system in the film.

Solar Energy Absorption: This term distinguishes the amount of solar energy that is absorbed by the film versus the amount of energy that is not.

Visible Light: The natural light that helps to brighten up a room. This is light we can see.

Visible Light Reflection: This describes the amount of visible light that is reflected away by the glazing system.

Visible Light Transmitted: Each film allows a different amount of light into the room. Visible light transmission is the amount of light that comes in through the film into the room.

Ultraviolet Rejection: Ultraviolet light is the UV radiation rays we cannot see or detect. They are harmful to people, belongings and animals. The UVR references the amount of UV rays that are blocked by the glazing system in the film.

Heat Gain: This term refers to the transfer of heat and solar energy into your home through your windows and other glass.

Glare Control: Glare control is the effect solar window films have on reducing or eliminating glare from glass reflections.

Solar window films help homeowners and business owners create a comfortable and efficient environment. Reduce the heat, improve the climate and protect your investment with solar films. Help decrease the total cost of your energy bill while increasing the functionality is your space. Each film is different and designed to suit specific needs. Since every customer has variable concerns, problem areas and reasons for investing in solar film we request our prospective clients speak to us directly at 623-780-4950. Our experts can help go over some options best suited for you and provide hassle free quotes. For more information call us today!