5 Things You Didn’t Know About Solar Film

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Solar film offers opportunities for homeowners and business owners to make a sensible investment in their home or office. What we all know about window film is the obvious, that they help reduce the amount of sun that enters your room. However there are many facts people aren’t as familiar with regarding thermal films from companies like us here at AZ Glass Tinting Glass Tinting. Here are some things you may not know about window film:

1. Solar film is a practical investment. Solar films don’t break the bank and actually put money back in your pocket by reducing energy consumption. We have options for any budget and project size. Whether you have only one window you need a solution for an entire building, we have a huge selection of options for our consumer. Window films don’t need to be custom made making them far more affordable than custom blinds, shutters and other window treatments. Additionally they are timeless and are made to last for a long long time.

2. They are easy to install and remove. Whether you invest in solar film as a temporary solution or for a long term solution, it doesn’t matter because solar films are easy to put up and take down when you’re ready. Unlike most home improvements they don’t require your home or office to be a construction zone for weeks or months. Since they aren’t custom made, we have a quick turn around time and our professionals can get them installed typically in a day or two. We cut the film to fit seamlessly to your windows No mess or stress for you. Also since films are installed using an activated adhesive they apply right to your glass and come off without any harm to your glass.

3. They make your home or office more comfortable. Solar films filter out and reduce the amount of solar energy that enters through your glass. By reducing the suns energy by up to 80% you’re greatly reducing the heat coming into your space. Filtering out the heat and reducing the excess light makes your place more comfortable and livable. You can better utilize your space and make your home or office more efficient.

4. Solar films reduce energy consumption and save you money. Window tinting can help lower your electric bill by maintaining a more consistent temperature in your home or office. By controlling the climate your AC and heater do not need to kick on as frequently and in turn will reduce the amount of total energy used. You will rely less on your heating and cooling equipment and see more money in your pocket. Most consumers see a return on their investment within 2 years.

5. They protect your belongings and the people you care about most. Solar window films block out excess light including both visible and non-visible light like UV rays. Most films remove up to 99% of the dangerous UV rays trying to enter your home or office. UV rays cause fading and damage to your belongings but can also cause serious health concerns for people and pets. Cancer is a huge concern when it comes to UV exposure. Even indoors you’re at risk for skin cancer. Solar films help take away the risks associated with UV exposure.

See, solar films provide much more for consumers than just reducing the sunlight and heat in your space. The list of benefits truly is endless. For more information on solar films or for a free quote please contact us today at 623-780-4950. We look forward to helping you find the best solution for you.

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