How To Protect Your Home With Window Films

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Homeowners these days are all about aesthetics and what looks good in a home. The “open feel” that windows can provide is a highly desired attribute. The more windows, the more desirable property. Some homes boast window walls that allow for viewing from floor to ceiling and wall to wall. It’s absolutely stunning but more windows means more risk. What kind of risks are associated with having more windows?

Windows not only let in light but they also allow harmful UV rays in and dangerous heat levels especially in the valley of the sun. People and pets are absolutely at risk indoors. The summers in Arizona can reach 120 degrees and windows can direct that heat right into your home. The reflection of the glass can actually cause burns and damage to people and objects inside. The UV rays are known to increase risk for cancers and destroy every object they come in contact with over time. The UV rays can create peeling, splitting, warping, and discoloration of your treasured belongings. Solar films can block out up to 80 percent of solar energy and up to 99 percent or dangerous UV rays.

Another risk with windows is that they leave your home vulnerable to the elements such as storms. In Arizona we get hit with some serious monsoon storms and microbursts. Some microbursts bring winds as high as 80 miles per hour. The storms are known to cause property damage and can certainly send objects barreling through your windows. Glass breakage is a a hazard most of us don’t want to experience. It can cause injury and also further exposes our belongings to the elements. Solar films actually bind with your windows offering a layer of protection and reduces the risk of glass breakage. They help reinforce your glass to offer additional protection. Plus ask us about our glass warranties that may be included with your installation.

Another concern is privacy and security. Windows are clear and allow unwanted eyes inside. No one wants to be inside enjoying their home with an audience watching from a neighboring house or the sidewalk. Unfortunately window glass also offers easy entry for intruders. With just a small amount of force a burglar could enter your home in seconds. Window films help keep out prying eyes and inhibit nosey neighbors from seeing into your home. Additionally window films can help deter entry into your home because they offer that additional layer of protection. The glass if broken is held together by the adhesive and won’t easily shatter making the ability to access your home so much harder. Protect your home and loved ones with window films.

Reduce your risks and get peace of mind with window film. As a homeowner, it’s time to protect your investment. Call us today 623-780-4950 for more information and a free quote.

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