Visible Versus Invisible Light: What you need to know.

Solar window films are created with the intention of reducing heat and light transmission into your home or office. What people may interpret that as is that solar films make a room dark. That’s actually false. To understand how solar films work, we need to learn a bit about sunlight.  Sunlight takes two major forms: visible and invisible light. Visible … Read More

Give The Gift Of Comfort

It’s the season of giving and what better gift can you give your family than comfort, protection and cost saving? Solar window films offer some amazing benefits to consumers. The winter is the perfect time to invest in solar window film. Find out exactly how you can grant your family these gifts this season.  The gift of comfort. There’s no … Read More

Why You Should Get Film In The Winter

When we reach out to people who requested information about window film in the winter months, we seem to get a lot of the same responses. That response is “I’ll just wait until summer comes back around and then I’ll get it done.” But why wait? Is summer a better time to get tint done? Why do people only associate … Read More