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gift of comfort

Give the gift of comfort.

It’s the season of giving, and what better gift can you give your family than comfort, protection, and cost savings? Solar window films offer some amazing benefits to consumers. The winter is the perfect time to invest in solar window film. Find out exactly how you can grant your family these gifts this season. 

The gift of comfort There’s no better feeling than providing for your loved ones. When it’s freezing outside, the windows suck in that cold air straight into your home. Windows are the perfect vehicle for cold air to enter and warm air to escape because, unlike your walls, windows have no insulation. Installing solar films actually supplies a type of insulation for your windows. The film works as a barrier to keep the warm air inside your home and the cold air outside. During the warmer months that will be fast approaching, the film does the opposite, which is that it keeps cool air indoors and the heat outside. The solar film helps create a comfortable, climate-controlled environment for you and your loved ones. 

The gift of protection Being indoors doesn’t protect you from the risks of the sun. Solar films help protect your loved ones from harmful UV rays that can cause skin damage, cataracts, and even some types of cancer. Solar films block out up to 99 percent of these UV rays, keeping your family safe and allowing them to enjoy the space without worry. The film also provides protection from the risk of broken glass. Solar films adhere directly to the glass, providing a shield between the glass and you. It acts as a form of reinforcement, strengthening the windows and ensuring that, in the event of breakage, the glass stays attached to the film instead of becoming dangerous projectiles. 

Finally, the gift of cost savings As stated before, with solar film, you are able to create a climate-controlled environment inside your home. When you can control the temperature in your space, you aren’t overworking or constantly running your AC and heating units. The more your AC or heater runs, the more you pay for that energy bill. Solar films help your family save money from month to month, which is a huge gift. Everyone loves saving money on bills that they can use for other things. Most home owners see around 10 percent cost savings each month, but during the coldest part of the winter and the hottest part of the summer, some people see far greater savings. 

This year, give the gift that keeps on giving year-round. Pick up the phone and call us today at 6237804950. 

Find out what other benefits solar films offer you and your loved ones. We would love to share some more information and provide you with a hassle-free quote today.

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