Insulate Your Windows And Protect Your Family With Window Film

In your home, all the walls are insulated. Whether that insulation is brick or fibrous material that insulation protects your family from the elements outside. When the summer comes and the heat is unbearable you are protected by that insulation. When it’s freezing outside and everything is covered in ice you are protected by that insulation. Insulation is what makes your home livable. Now the problem is that insulation stops at the walls. Your windows are a completely vulnerable area of your home. There’s absolutely no protection from the elements through that glass.

95 percent of your heat gain and heat loss comes through your windows. Having bare windows is counterproductive to the efforts of your air conditioning unit and your home insulation. Why leave an area of vulnerability? Installing solar window films to your glass will help to insulate and reinforce the glass in your home. By doing so you will help eliminate the loss of heat from your home in the winter months. Your home will stay warm and comfortable for your family. During the hot summer months the cool air inside will remain inside. Regulating the temperature inside your home will give your air conditioning and heating unit a break extending the life of your unit and ultimately lowering your energy bill. Who doesn’t like saving money? 

Additional benefits of installing solar window films include that added barrier of protection from the sun. The films block out up to 80 percent of the solar energy including the excess heat and light. That means that your rooms won’t be too unbearably bright or heat up as the suns moves throughout the day. Solar films reduce glare and aid in increased privacy. During the day the neighbors won’t be able to see right inside and be intrusive. Another benefit of applying solar film to your windows is that you are protecting your family from harmful UV rays that can cause dangerous cancer. 99 percent of UV rays will be eliminated giving you peace of mind during all months of the year. 

The list of benefits to having window films goes on and on. With so many options to choose from, you won’t have any difficulty finding one to fit your wants and needs. Call us today at 623-780-4950 for more information on how solar films can help insulate your home and protect your loved ones.