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Like many products, solar window film has some “competition” so to speak. This competition such as alternative solutions (like shutters, sun screens and blinds) has tried to improve consumer response by bashing solar films. Unfortunately that’s created some misconceptions about the solar film industry and the many products we have. So it’s time to set the record straight because as consumers you want facts not opinions. As experts in the industry, AZ Glass Tinting has been in the business of solar window films for three decades and can provide you the consumer with pertinent factual information to help you make the best educated decision for you. Let’s get started!

– Solar film makes a room too dark by blocking out both the unwanted and wanted light. 
– Solar film is cheaply made and won’t last that long. 
– Solar film is tough to care for and hard to keep clean. 
– Solar film applied to glass windows will cause breakage or seal failure. 
– Solar film makes it difficult to see outside. 

Solar window film is designed specifically to block unwanted sunlight, UV rays, and heat from getting into your living or work space. However as part of that design, solar films are also designed to allow natural light to still enter into your space on varying degrees based upon which product you select for you. For example some products are made to redirect or block up to 80% of solar energy and light from penetrating your windows while others only block 50%. Since every consumer has a different need and desired goal when purchasing solar film, there’s endless varieties to choose from. Technology has come a very long ways and with new developments come better products and more choices. To debunk the misconception, the room will be only as dark as you want it to be. Our experts can help guide you in the right direction. 

On the same note of technology and development, window films are now made better and stronger and designed to last a lifetime. Most professional grade films are hearty enough to last 15 to 20 years. That’s a long long time. Contrary to the belief that they will discolor, peel and warp over time most films when professionally applied and properly cared for won’t have any issues throughout that lifespan. Additionally manufacturers are now providing warranties with almost all products offered through places like AZ Glass Tinting Glass Tinting. That’s added protection against any of the concerns you may have about the integrity of your film long term. To set the record straight, solar films “outlive” most homeowners occupancy in a home. You’re more likely to move out before the films lifespan is up. 

As far as caring for solar window films I’m not sure why people are afraid or believe it’s tough to do. Honestly when the film is professionally applied it’s pretty low maintenance from there. Our specialists will supply the consumer with care instructions specific to the film that is selected but for the most part, it’s a wipe down with a damp cloth here and there. Yes that’s right, it’s that easy. We recommend staying away from harsh abrasive chemicals and to make sure not to soak the film but that’s as tough as it gets. The film is applied with a soapy water solution and the adhesive is activated and applied to the glass. That adhesive is strong and will hold up to regular cleanings as you see fit. So don’t sweat it. Don’t trust everything you hear because cleaning window film is as easy as dusting or wiping off your furniture. 

When applying solar window films to glass consumers are often worried that it will cause glass breakage or seal failure. We hear this a lot when customers call in for quotes. Whether you have single pane or dual pane windows, most solar films are safe and are not the single cause of glass breakage in a home or office. Most of the time if the glass breaks its due to several factors and often is the result of a manufacturing issue unrelated to the film. To calm your worrying mind at AZ Glass Tinting we offer glass protection warranties on most installations as well. In the slim chance that breakage occurs call us to see what we can do about replacing your glass and your film. To lay that myth to rest, again solar films are not known to cause glass breakage and most breakage is a result of several factors outside of the solar film. 

Finally, solar films are not going to block your view from the inside out. Just like tint on a vehicle it’s there to block things from the outside in not the inside out. You can see outside typically as if the film wasn’t even there. Depending on the product you select some film isn’t even detectable and won’t interfere with your view. To be honest that’s one of the advantages of solar film is you have the protection from the sun without obstruction from items like blinds, screens or shutters. Now another benefit of solar films is that it does provide privacy for you so those on the outside may have some difficulty seeing in. Whether you’re applying solar film in a home or office it will increase your privacy and protect you from nosy neighbors and looky lous. To debunk this last misconception, no solar films do not block your ability to see outside and that’s a major bonus! 

Well now you’ve heard it from us the experts. Although these concerns people have are valid, they are not always correct or truthful. Most of the concerns we encounter are from misconceptions that consumers have heard from someone who doesn’t have window films or read from some random article online. They aren’t credible. Just remember you can’t believe everything you read or hear. Always make sure your source is credible like us here at AZ Glass Tinting. We have knowledge and expertise you only get from thirty years in the business. Call us today for a quote or more information on solar films at 6237804950. 

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