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Solar window films provide comfort by reducing the amount of solar energy that enters a home or office, but an added benefit that’s less spoken of is increased privacy in your home. When it comes to your home you certainly want privacy afterall it is your safe space where you shouldn’t feel like you can’t relax or be yourself. In the office privacy is also important because it’s likely you are viewing account information or data that shouldn’t be visible to anyone outside of those employed within the organization. Privacy is literally everything. It offers a sense of safety and peace of mind. So how do solar window films provide privacy at home or at the office?

Solar films come in a huge selection of product options for consumers. Some offer more privacy than others but almost all help block out unwanted eyes and nosey neighbors from seeing in. Privacy films are often referred to as one way films as they allow us to see out but make it difficult for others to see in. The darker the tint, the more privacy you can achieve. During day time hours the film makes it hard for people to see in but doesn’t inhibit the ability for you to see out. At night if you have the lights on you may have some exposure however having films will offer more privacy than your existing glass windows. Solar films offers a clear view out without anything blocking your range of sight. Keep that beautiful view without worrying who’s watching you. Privacy goes hand in hand with security. In addition to the added privacy window films will provide, they will also help deter theft. In the event of attempted burglary, windows films extend the amount of time it would take for someone to break the glass and enter into a home. The goal is that the robber gets tired out and frustrated before successfully breaking the glass. Help keep your family safe and sound. 

For commercial use it’s especially important to have increased privacy. Most organizations have customer info and data that is always pulled on up computer screens. A lot of that information can be used for the wrong reasons if it found its way into a non-employees hands. Identity theft is a huge concern these days. Protecting consumer data and providing customer privacy is a must. Having privacy also makes your employees feel more comfortable in the workplace. Just like having privacy at home, privacy in the office is just as important. You want a relaxed environment for your staff to ensure optimal performance. Just like traditional window films privacy films offer glare control and reduce heat gain making the environment as comfortable as possible for all there. Additionally safety is crucial. To reduce liability, window films help add a protective layer on your glass to prevent breakage due to weather, vandalism and also attempted theft. You won’t have to worry about glass impaling or injuring someone. The adhesive on the film helps hold the glass together and stop the dangers of it getting everywhere. 

Whether you’re interested in window films for your home or office, AZ Glass Tinting Glass Tinting is here to assist you. We have over 30 years of hands on experience and knowledge in the industry. No job is too big or too small. We have solutions for any problem you have. Call us today for more information on how solar films can help you increase privacy and comfort in your space 623-780-4950. Don’t put your safety and comfort into just anyone’s hands. Make sure you contact the professionals!

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