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After working three decades in the industry we have heard a lot of excuses why people postpone solar window film installation. The biggest hesitations include cost. People will say “I’ll do it later, I don’t want to spend the money right now.” Another reason people put off getting window films is that “it’s almost fall” or “it’s winter now, I’ll get them next summer”. Finally, a third objection is concerns about time. “I don’t have the time to deal with the installation.” These three objections are really just ways the could be customer is saying they truly don’t have the information or knowledge necessary to see the real value of getting solar window film. So let us enlighten you on the truth behind solar films. 

“I don’t want to spend the money right now”…
Money is one of the biggest hurdles we all have to overcome. Life is expensive. We often have to pick and choose between what we want to spend our money on each month because it’s not an unlimited resource. We do understand that money is a valid concern, however we do also know the value of window films is that they offer a relatively quick return on investment. Once you install solar window films you begin to reap the benefit of saving money on your energy bill almost immediately. How do you save money? It’s because applying solar films to your window reduces heat gain and maintains a consistent temperature inside your home. The film redirects or absorbs the solar energy that creates heat and excess light in your space. When it’s hot out, your AC continues to kick on every time the temperature increases. That’s like trying to dry off dishes while your sink is running. It’s essentially counterproductive. Instead of battling the tide, install a solution. Solar films will help you save money, not lose it.  Homeowners see an average amount of 5-10% on monthly utility bills plus they protect your assets from sun damage so you don’t need to constantly replace that rug in your living room or the wood art on your walls. The best part about being experts in the industry is we can help work with any budget. If you can only afford $500, then let us create a plan to help you reduce heat gain in the biggest problem areas in your home. Don’t sweat the cost, understand the benefits and allow the experts to create a plan catered around your budget and your home. 

“It’s almost fall, I’ll do it in the summer”…
Another big objection for consumers is they think they should postpone the installation until the summer months because the fall or winter isn’t as hot. Unfortunately the temperature outside doesn’t necessarily coincide with how much solar energy is penetrating your windows. Often the sun is twice as brutal in the winter especially the glare of those sun rays off the snow or dew on your lawn. The solar energy of the sun emits visible and invisible rays. Visible rays would be the sun rays we can see and feel that cause heat and glare. On cloudy days these visible rays may be less apparent but the invisible rays are still in full affect. Invisible rays include UV rays which are dangerous to people, pets and belongings. UV rays are known to cause skin damage, premature aging, and cancers. They also can brutally destroy furniture and decor. They fade fabrics, warp woods and strip paints. No matter what time of year these invisible rays are a huge problem. Solar window films are an insulator, they trap cool air in and regulate the temperature during the summer months but they do the same thing in the winter months. In the winter or fall they help trap warm air from your heater in and don’t allow it to escape through gaps in the glass and frames. Window film is installed corner to corner eliminating almost every opportunity for that comfortable air to escape. It seals it up nicely for you to preserve your comfort. Ultimately no matter the season, solar window films will continue to regulate the temperature in your home and help keep your family safe. 

“I just don’t have time to worry about it right now”…
The final objection we encounter is time. People never feel as though they have enough time in their day. We work all day and find ourselves juggling sports, parent teacher conferences and our own social lives. There’s a lot on each of our plates. We can’t control the amount of time in a day but we can control how we utilize that time. Prioritize your home. Making time for your window film installation is important because your time commitment is small and the benefits definitely outweigh the tiny inconvenience in your schedule. The good news is we can do your quote in minutes. Our experts go out to your home and quickly walk through getting an idea of what they would be working with in terms of products and manpower to do your installation. We can provide you a fast, easy and free quote in no time. If you’re happy with the price we can typically get you scheduled that week. Our installations in homes hardly go beyond one to two days. We aren’t expecting you to take a week off of work to get a few windows tinted. We are professionals which means we have decades of experience under our belts. We are efficient and get the jobs done right the first time for you because we understand your time in valuable. So don’t delay any longer. Find a few minutes to chat with us at (623-780-4950) about your needs and allow us to create a plan that suits your schedule and your budget. 

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