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Solar window films have come a long way since the ugly and dated mirrored film on skyscrapers we seem to all associate it with. From being designed from a functionality perspective alone to now being created to make a statement. Solar window film comes in an array of options and selections to suit anyone’s needs and taste.

At AZ Glass Tinting Glass Tinting, we have been in the industry for decades. Around 30 years to be exact and that means we have worked with every era of tiny. We know what works and what doesn’t. We have knowledge and experience that other companies don’t. When we first started out in the business the amount of choices my clients had were incredibly limited. Now I can tell them the possibilities are essentially endless and we can work with whatever ideas your imagination may have created. Whether you want the film for your home or business, we can help. 

If you’re a business, we can help you design a film that utilizes your company name or logo to help promote your business and make a presence from the curb. Grab their attention from the outside and get them inside your shop. Our decorative window film offers both appeal and function to any space. In an office for example you can use it to add privacy to a conference room door or windows. Keep prying eyes out while adding a design that helps pull the office space together. You can also use window film to create an office environment that’s inviting from design to improving overall comfort by reducing heat and light. Keep your clients and employees happy. 

At home a great use for window films would be for aesthetic purposes. You could also use decorative film to spruce up an entry way to your home. Put a pop or color on your windows or a beautiful geometric design. Add a little bit of you to your home. Welcome guests with a beautiful one of a kind statement on your entry glass. In your bathrooms add some privacy by putting frosted film on your shower door or bathroom window. Protect your children and pets from walking through that giant Arcadia window by adding a design or print to the glass so they can see it. Whatever your little heart desires we can help you create a space you love. 

Options of film go from clear to almost black. Depending on what your goal is, we are here to help you with anything we can. If you want to block out the light we might suggest a darker film as some films offer less light in through the glass than others. If you want to still be able to see out the glass we have some films that are almost transparent. They won’t disrupt that view at all and still offer the protection from the heat and UV rays you’re searching for. We have many tints, colors, and patterns. Every film has a special formula and purpose. The percentage of light is determined by the formula used to develop the films. Our experts are well educated in the selections and uses for each film. 

We know looking online, it can be overwhelming with all the different choices these days. As solar film continues to evolve, the more options come of it. Don’t stress. Call us today at 623-780-4950 to find out your options and discuss what your overall goal is for your home or office. We would love to do a free quote for you. Get your information from a reputable source like the experts here at AZ Glass Tinting Glass Tinting. 

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