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Yes we all know by now that solar window films benefits just like adding tint to a vehicle it will help cool you down, but to what extent? Is installing window film in your home or office space really worth the time, money and hassle? Is solar window film truly a good investment? To help answer these all too common questions we want to look at the pros and cons of residential and commercial window films. 

Pros– Reduce solar energy by up to 80%- Nearly eliminate UV exposure by blocking up to 99% of UV rays – Helps regulate temperature and promote a controlled climate inside- Cuts down on costs of monthly energy bills – Assists in glare reduction – Extends the life of personal belongings by preventing fading, warping and other sun damage – Increases privacy by making it more difficult to see in from the outside – Deters theft and decreases risk of injury through adhesives that hold fractured glass together – Reinforces integrity of the glass by applying multi-layer film to existing glass- Relatively inexpensive investment – Can help update old windows and improve curb appeal – Easy installation and removal when professionally done – Provides protection from the sun without hindering the view 

Cons – Isn’t a permanent solution, will have to eventually be replaced – May discolor, bubble or peel over time – May void any existing warranties on glass

After comparing the lists of pros and cons, it’s already obvious that the pros outweigh the cons. Truthfully we had to really think about what could be a downside to investing in window film and these were the only three things we could think of. The thing is that if you go with a professional company like AZ Glass Tinting Glass Tinting, most of these concerns listed above can be laid to rest. Our experts can help you pick out a quality product that fits into your budget and helps you reach whatever goal you set out to accomplish by installing solar window films. We only work with top manufacturers and hire qualified professionals that have industry experience. We at AZ Glass Tinting have been in the industry for three decades and are experts in the trade. We have full confidence in our ability to help you and our quality of work. 
In terms of longevity of window films, it really depends on what the product you selected and the environment in which the product is being installed. For instance, “do it yourself” films you can purchase online or in stores like Home Depot do not have lifespans that come close to films professionally manufactured and installed. Like they say, you do get what you pay for. It’s worth investing a little bit more to get film that will last and proper installation. Films that come from professionals like us are high quality and made to last between ten and twenty years. When we install the film, we custom cut it to fit your glass to ensure it’s a near seamless application. We don’t want to leave gaps or areas of weakness where the sun can sneak on in. Additionally most films we install are done on the inside of the glass to escape the elements like wind, rain and direct sunlight. The windows that face the sun may experience more wear and tear than those that do not, but worry not because most films come with lifetime warranties. 

At AZ Glass Tinting we offer warranties on most films that offer protection against such things like peeling, bubbling and discoloration. Keep in mind that if the film is professionally installed these items aren’t likely to bubble or peel in the lifetime of the film. Films these days are made durable and built to last long term. Now eventually they will have to be replaced but you will certainly get your money’s worth out of them considering their lifespan is more than a decade and maybe as long as two! As far as voiding warranties on glass, some customers do worry about losing their glass warranties due to applying window films. The good news is our company offers glass protection on almost all of our installations. Yes that’s right, we will be covering glass breakage on your existing windows with some of our products. 

With all the benefits of solar window film, why wait to get your free quote? Call today at 623-780-4950. Our experts are standing by and ready to assist you pick the perfect product for your needs and budget. We will help you get the most out of your investment. As you can see from our blog, they are definitely worth investing in. 

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