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Summer is finally over and it will begin to cool down now. With fall and winter approaching, most of us are looking forward to being more comfortable outside and inside our homes. Without the summer heat making us miserable we can go back to being productive and enjoying our lives. In the solar film industry, summer time means big business. Consumers see a need for film when they are dealing with 120 degree year, but as it cools off business slows which is rather surprising. People often think that products like solar window films are only beneficial in the summer months. They assume that tinting only cuts back on heat. That’s actually far from the truth. We are here today to explain the benefits of solar window films during the cooler months. 

Some of the ways solar window films can benefit consumers during the cool months includes reducing heat loss. Windows are an incredibly vulnerable part of a home. They are essentially a void in the home that creates exposure to exterior factors like sun, weather conditions and even putting you at a greater risk for breach or forced entry. That pane of glass is completely free of insulation or a way to hold heat inside. Windows are known to lose heat about 20 percent faster than insulated walls and doors. So as you’re cranking the heat trying to warm up on that cold night, an untreated window is letting that heat right back out. Talk about frustrating. Adding solar window films provides a layer of insulation on your glass to lock in that warmth and keep you comfortable no matter what temperature it is outside. 

Additionally, that same untreated window that’s letting the heat you’re paying for out is also costing you more each month on your energy bill. The way energy use works is the electric company calculates your bill based upon usage. The more you use something the more you pay per month. When your have a room with areas of non-insulated glass then you’re trying to fill a bucket with a hole in it. You would have to run your faucet constantly to maintain a certain level of water correct? Well it works the same way with your heating unit. If there’s no way to trap that heat in the room then your heating unit is running all of the time. That means you’re paying for every single second of that day. If you install a form of insulation to the glass like solar window films, then the leak in the bucket is fixed and the bucket can fill up and stay full. You won’t have to force your heating unit to be running constantly which will save you money down the line. Who doesn’t like saving money? 

A third way solar window film can benefit homeowners during the fall and winter months is that it can cut down on that glare. During the winter months, the way the earth is tilted on its axis causes the sun to basically appear lower in the sky. Although the sun hasn’t actually changed position, the earth has making the sunlight more direct during this time of year. As a consequence, the glare from the sun rays can seem twice as harsh. Glare can cause a blinding effect to our eyes making our ability to see almost nonexistent. By applying the film to the windows, the sun is redirected away from your eyes making visibility so much easier. Wouldn’t it be great to enjoy your favorite TV show without having to change positions constantly due to the pesky sun getting in your way? 

These are just a few ways that solar window film can benefit consumers during the cooler months. Investing in solar window film actually benefits you year round. So why wait to get a free quote from us today. Call one of our experts at 6237804950 who will happily provide you with more information and a price to get started on one of the best investments you can make in your home.

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