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Solar window films apart from helping keep your home comfortable through reducing solar energy and preventing heat gain, also help keep you safe inside your home or office by preventing UV exposure. Solar energy and UV rays are able to reach you indoors through windows or other areas of glass putting people, animals and even belongings at risk of long term damage. To better understand how solar films help protect us from dangerous UV rays we must first learn about what UV rays are and what the risks are associated with exposure.

Solar energy is emitted through visible light and invisible light. Visible light is the energy we can see and feel. It’s that sunshine shining down on you at the beach and the heat you can feel when you stick your hand into the bright light you see from the sun. Invisible light is the energy we cannot see produced by electromagnetic radiation. Electromagnetic radiation comes in many forms from high levels of radiation such as x-rays and low levels from a television or radio. UV rays fall right in the middle and are known to cause permanent damage to living things and objects or belongings. UV rays come from the energy from the sun and are produced in 3 forms known as UVA, UVB, and UVC rays. 

According to the American Cancer Society, UVA rays produce the lowest amount of energy and are known to cause aging, wrinkles and leathering of your skin. They are strong enough to drain your skin of moisture and slightly alter your dna and cell structure. UVB rays are stronger than UVA rays and directly cause damage to skin cells. Most commonly they are to blame for sunburns and blisters after spending time outdoors. UVC rays are typically broken up in the atmosphere and pose lower risk to people, animals and objects. Higher level UV rays do have the ability to penetrate deeply and move molecules or atoms which poses a higher risk of skin cancer and damage to belongings like furniture and art. 

Sunlight is the most common form of UV exposure. About 95% of total UV rays reach the earths surface and those same rays are coming in through the glass in your home or office. The strength of UV rays depends on a large number of influencing factors including the time of day, location from the equator, time of year, altitude, cloud cover, number of reflective surfaces, and even the ozone in a particular location. In the state of Arizona we are a place where we receive sunlight the majority of the day almost year round. Our exposure is far greater than a lot of other locations. We don’t have dense tree cover breaking up the sun rays or a cloudy atmosphere on a regular basis. We are smack dab in the middle of the strength of the suns energy daily. Unfortunately adding curtains and other window coverings doesn’t fully protect us against UV exposure as UV rays can penetrate through fabrics. However, solar window films can protect you from almost all UV rays. 

Solar window films are made by combining several layers of a polyester blended material to catch or block out the solar energy from the sun. These layers of protection can be looked at as essentially a sun block. When we apply a sun screen to our skin we still feel the warmth from the sun but we block out the nasty UV rays that can be harmful to us. Solar window films work in a similar way. They allow varying degrees of sunlight in a room but filter out excess solar energy and UV rays. The films can filter out up to 80% of unwanted solar energy and about 99% of dangerous UV rays. The SPF on some solar films can be upwards of 200-295. That’s the ultimate protection for your skin and your home or office. 

Installing solar films can prevent almost all UV exposure meaning you can happily sit in your living room next to that window without worrying. You can work in your office with that great view without damaging your skin or putting yourself at risk for cancer. Your furniture and belongings are also at risk with UV exposure. By getting solar films your belongings will not be predisposed to warping, fading and sun damage. UV rays impose the same damage to wood and fabrics as they do to skin. The UV rays penetrate deeply and have the ability to change the molecules and atoms around causing them to lose coloration or change shape. Investing in solar window films is like providing everything you treasure from the people to the stuff inside your home or office with the ultimate SPF protection. You absolutely cannot beat it! 

UV rays are dangerous and cause long term damage to everything they touch. Why risk it? Now that you know what UV rays are and the damage that they can cause, there’s no reason to not call and get a quote on solar window films. Call us today at 623-780-4950 and find out how you can protect your loved ones and that personal property you have worked so hard for. We offer free quotes and have over 30 years of experience in the industry. Our knowledge and expertise cannot be beat. With solar films there are many options to choose from and we can find the right product to fit your needs and budget. 

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