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Going green is a term we are becoming quite familiar with. Most companies are following the trend and producing products that fit the new standards of our society. Most notably, the green movement is really taking off with the generations coming of age now. As it is said with more knowledge, comes greater responsibility. Younger generations are feeling the pressure as previous generations didn’t put much emphasis on reducing waste.

As science is proving the consequences of global warming and depleting resources, its a change or fail kind of mindset. For those of you who want to join in and go green, we have another green solution for you. Solar window films are a cost effective green solution for your home or office that you don’t want to miss out on. Here’s why…

The green movement has benefits to both the planet and our pocket books as products help promote energy efficiency and reduce overall operational costs. Window films is one of the products that helps consumers do both. Solar window films are designed to help filter or reduce the amount of solar energy that enters through our windows into our space.

Sunlight causes our room to heat up which ultimately makes us uncomfortable and seek a way to control the temperature. Ultimately we end up cranking up that AC unit or turning on the fan. Unfortunately using that excess energy is not great for Mother Earth. We can promote a going green environment by reducing our energy consumption and reducing waste. 

Installing solar window films means you will be able to stop your environment inside your home or office from getting too hot and help regulate the temperature. When you insulate your rooms with solar film, the cool air will stay inside allowing your home or office to be more climate controlled. Being able to maintain the temperature in the room more consistently means that you don’t need to run your AC more often than necessary saving you money, and saving the planet one day at a time. Why wouldn’t you want to save money on energy costs and conserve resources on your planet?

Even though solar windows films don’t get as much publicity as solar panels or other going green technologies, they have just as many benefits to your pocket book and the environment. Once installed in your home or office, solar window films start working immediately and require no extra energy to make them work after installation. They are easily installed, begin working right away, and has a relatively quick return on investment.

Most homeowners see a return within 3-5 years. Their lifespan lasts about a decade and usually they require little to no maintenance. Talk about easy! So don’t waste any more time, energy or money than you have already. Call us today at 623-780-4950 and jump on the green wagon. We have our experts standing by to provide you more information and offer you a hassle free quote. This is one green product you won’t regret!

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