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Christmas is just around the corner and everyone you know is drawing up that Christmas wish list. What’s on your family’s list this year? The big screen TV? The latest and greatest phone? I bet their lists are full of items that are the “must haves” of the season. Those may bring a smile to their faces in the moment but they aren’t gifts that will benefit them long term. One item you should have on that list is solar window films.

Solar window films may not be the conventional gift you ask for or give for the holidays but it certainly should be. The benefits that go along with an investment in window films are truly endless. Starting with the return on investment. Most gifts you give or receive don’t end up paying you back in the long run, but window films do. Solar window films can help you save money. It’s the gift that keeps on giving throughout the year and their lifetime which is typically 10-15 years. Installing window films can help lower your electric bill, protect your belongings, and improve curb appeal on your home. Now that I’ve got your attention, let’s learn how solar films can help your pocket book.

How do window films lower your electric bill? Energy bills are based upon a cost per unit and how much total energy units are used that month. For example if your local electric company is charging 10 cents per unit used and throughout the month you used 1000 units then your bill will cost you around $100 for the month. In the summer and winter months we all know that’s not realistic as we tend to rely on our heating and cooling units far more often to maintain a comfortable temperature inside our homes. However with solar window films most homeowners see a reduction in their energy bill of about 5-10 percent annually. Window films help to block out and/or absorb the suns energy that causes heat gain in your home during the hotter months and helps to insulate your windows to trap in that warm air you’re paying for during the cooler months. Ultimately it provides a way to thermal regulate or maintain a more controlled environment reducing your energy use and saving you money. Can’t beat a gift that continues to surprise you monthly with lower monthly energy obligations.

Will solar window films really protect my assets and belongings? The answer is absolutely. Applying solar window films to your windows can keep out visible and invisible light ultimately protecting your personal belongings from overexposure to the harsh sunlight. Ultraviolet rays also known as UV rays are part of the invisible light spectrum, we can’t see them and don’t realize the damage they cause to furniture and art inside our home. Think about an object you may have left outside in the sun too long. I know we had a trampoline growing up and the sun would eat away at the netting and padding. It stripped the color from that pad first and made it turn from blue to white. Then it became brittle and started to peel and flake. Eventually the pad was just string in about a years time. Sun damage is terrible and irreversible. By having solar window films on your windows you are blocking out about 99 percent of the UV rays that cause sun damage. By being proactive your furniture, carpets, and art work will last a lot longer and allow you to save that money you would have had to spend to replace those items. Once again, it’s the gift that just keeps giving and giving.

Finally, when you’re looking to make an investment into your home you want to find something that gives you the biggest bang for your buck and offers the greatest return on investment. Like we mentioned above, the lifespan of window film can be a decade or even up to two decades on some products. They are built to last and offer the same protection throughout their lifespan. Additionally they are a cost effective solution to help give your home an updated look. They look great on and make your windows appear newer. It’s a wonderful way to extend the lifespan of your windows by offering that added protection and modern appeal. The return on investment with window films can be as little as 1.3 years according to several studies. Most commonly around 2-3 years.

So why wait to call us when Christmas is fast approaching. Give your family a gift that will serve them year round. We offer free quotes and unmatched experience. Our professionals here at AZ Glass Tinting Glass Tinting have over 30 years of experience. Solar films are are amazing investment in your home and your family because they are a relatively low cost and offer a quick turnaround for return on your investment. Let us brighten up your holidays with window films this Christmas. We have a reputation for quality and speed. Call us at 623-780-4950, let’s give that home an update before your guests arrive this December. We are happy to play Santa for you and your family!

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