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Solar window film is a retro-fit (after market) solution for your home or office. Initially designed for rockets by NASA, window film is a proven product with a solid reputation in both the residential and commercial communities. It’s designed to improve the efficiency of your windows to help create a comfortable, safe and practical environment for you and others inside. The benefits of investing in window film are vast as are your options to choose from. For the purpose of this blog, we are going to narrow it down to five reasons why window film is a great investment for you.

1. Reduces Heat Gain
Solar window film is made with several layers of technologically advanced polyester sheets with the ability to reflect or absorb the suns energy. The make up of window film differs depending on which product you select, but most have the ability to rescue solar energy by more than 80 percent. Imagine cutting down on the heat absorption by about three-fourths. That makes a huge difference in how hot each room gets in your home or office, especially during the biggest months of the year. By reducing the amount solar energy that enters your windows, your home or office temperature will be more comfortable and consistent throughout the year.

2. Improves Temperature Regulation
Solar window film not only helps reduce heat gain in the hottest months of the year, but it actually assists in maintaining temperature regulation in your home or office year round. Windows and other areas of glass are generally one of the only areas of your home or office without insulation. The walls are insulated and even exterior doors offer insulation, but glass doesn’t provide any protection from the elements. There’s nothing to trap that warm air inside during the winter. Heat loss can be a major issue especially when it’s affecting your pocket book. Imagine paying hundreds to heat your building to find out a chunk of the total energy usage is due to heat loss. Adding solar window films to your windows provides that necessary insulation and prevents heat loss helping to improve temperature regulation all year long.

3. Increases Privacy and Security
Window films promote privacy and security in your home or office for many reasons. For starters installing tint to any window can make it harder for someone to be able to see in from the outside. Preventing prying eyes from spying on your activities inside your home or office can bring people peace of mind. No one likes to feel like they are being watched. Although it makes seeing in difficult, unlike curtains or shutters it doesn’t hinder your ability to see out. You can see what’s going on outside and be aware of your surroundings. Additionally window film provides a deterrent for theft and break ins as most criminals want to be able to scope out their haul before taking the risk of breaking and entering. If they can’t see in they are less likely to make any attempt at entry. If they do try to enter, window film acts as a reinforcement to your glass. The adhesive on the film holds the glass together making forced entry difficult and a time consuming task. The glass won’t be able to shatter like a typical window deterring them and protecting you.

4. Protects Against Harmful Ultraviolet Rays
The sun emits two forms of light which include visible and invisible light. Part of the invisible light are the UV rays. We cannot see them but we can see the damage they can cause to skin, fabrics, woods and other objects. UV rays are known to be a major contributing factor to skin cancer. Even indoor we are exposed to UV rays. Wherever there is sunlight there is exposure. UV rays can cause rapid aging to skin and fabrics. They can damage fabrics by making them become brittle and dull. They can change the make up of cell structures in our skin as well creating wrinkles, leathery skin and even certain cancers. UV rays can reap havoc on furniture through sun bleaching, warping, and fabric deterioration. Installing solar window films can protect you and your belongings from up to 99 percent of UV rays providing you optimal protection from the dangers associated with UV exposure.

5. Helps Save Money
What we have learned so far is that solar window films can help reduce heat gain and assist in promoting temperature regulation. Through maintaining a more consistent temperature in your home or office you are able to rely less on your heating and cooling unit consuming less energy and ultimately saving you money. Most homeowners see an average cost savings on their energy bills of around 5 percent year round with some months seeing as high as a 20 percent savings. Additionally by protecting against UV rays your furniture, decor and belongings will not need to be replaced as often keeping even more money in your pocket book. In addition to saving money, solar films have a quick return on investment and can increase the value of your property instantly by improving curb appeal.

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