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2020 is here and passing by quickly already. Hard to believe February is just around the corner. What New Years resolutions did you set? How are your goals coming along? A lot of those goals we set for the new year involve taking care of our health on some level. Living in a state like Arizona where the sun beats down hard on us year round, protecting ourselves from sun damage is incredibly crucial. Believe it or not, solar window film is a great solution providing UV protection that can help us better protect ourselves from the detrimental effects of the suns energy and improve our long term health.

What is solar window film? Solar window film is a product designed for commercial and residential properties with the purpose of limiting the amount of solar energy that comes in through our glass. Solar energy comes in two forms which include visible and invisible light. Visible light is the light we can see that brightens up a room. Invisible light is the light we cannot see typically in the form of ultraviolet rays or UV rays. Although visible light is known to cause glare and increase temperatures in the room, invisible light and UV rays are the ones we really have to worry about. We can not detect them and therefore aren’t aware of the constant exposure. Whether outdoors or indoors, UV rays are finding their way to you. UV exposure is known to have several concerning implications such as put you at risk for accelerated aging, cataracts of the eyes and even skin cancer.

UV rays can strip skin of moisture, damage cells and even alter them creating cancers. We have all seen what sun does to wicker patio furniture that sits out in the sun or to the fabric on that umbrella by the pool. It easily strips color from fabric, can cause fading and even destroy the integrity of fabrics and materials. If it can warp plastic, make fabric brittle and splinter wood, then imagine what’s happening to your body overtone with repeated exposure. According to the American Cancer Society, one in 5 people will develop skin cancer in their lifetime. That’s a scary high statistic. Sadly most of us know someone who has dealt with skin cancer. Skin cancer like most cancers can spread and metastasize becoming life threatening. The only way to prevent skin cancer and protect yourself is by limiting exposure to the sun. Just as tinting your vehicle windows is almost an expectation in Arizona, tinting your home or office windows should be as well.

Applying solar window film not only prevents up to 68 percent of solar energy from entering your home or office and helps to keep you cool, but it also can nearly eliminate your risk of exposure to those dangerous UV rays. Most of our films here at AZ Glass Tinting Glass Tinting block up to 99 percent of UV rays from coming through the glass. So if your office has those beautiful scenic windows you work from your computer by you won’t have to worry about the amount of exposure you may be facing from ultraviolet light. In your home or office you will have virtually complete coverage and protection from the risks of the sun. Solar window film offers real life solutions but also peace of mind by reducing your risks of major health issues from sun exposure and help you make your health a priority in your life.

Don’t let those resolutions die off. Let us help you put your health first and protect your family, employees and loved ones from dangerous UV exposure. Call us today at 623-780-4950 for more information on solar window film and how it can better your health one window at a time. We are happy to share with you additional and the other lucrative benefits that come along with investing in solar window film as well. Protecting you from dangerous UV rays is only one of the many benefits of window film. You won’t be disappointed. We offer free quotes and expert advice that can’t be matched by our competitors. We have over 30 years of experience and numerous reviews from happy customers to back us up. Don’t wait any longer, make the call today.

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