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As homeowners we are often looking for ways to update our home every few years. From changing paint colors to flooring, putting a little love back into your home is a fantastic feeling. The benefits of window film is one of those purchases that improves more than just the look of your home but also the function and efficiency of it as well. Yes updating the aesthetics may improve the appearance and in essence increase the overall value of your home, but what other value would it bring to you? The answer is none. Let’s find out why investing in solar window films isn’t one of those typical and one note investments you’re used to.

Let’s talk appearance. Yes, just like any update to a home applying window film to your windows can help provide your home a sleek and modern new look. It’s a great way to bring your dingy old windows up to date with the times. It can help them look good as new as well as improve efficiency. Window film is an multilayer film with adhesive that allows the film to appropriately adhere to your glass. From corner to corner you will have complete protection from the suns wrath. Additionally, the film when professionally installed is reinforced with a caulking or sealant to ensure there’s no area for the sun to sneak in or your comfortable air inside to sneak out. This is just one example of how solar window film is not only an aesthetic improvement but also a functional improvement as well.

With professional installation of solar window film you can be assured you are able to take advantage of all the benefits of investing in window film, and trust me there’s a lot! Some more examples of how window films can increase efficiency and function in your home is by reducing heat gain. Heat gain occurs when the solar energy enters your home increasing internal temperatures. No one wants to be miserable inside your house. The frustrating part is that as temperature inside begins to rise we often have to turn our cooling unit down to combat the rising temperatures. The lower we drop that temperature on the thermostat, the more we are paying for our energy bill. The benefit of solar window film is it helps reduce solar energy by up to 68%. That’s up to about two thirds the amount is solar energy coming into your home through your windows. That’s a huge difference. By reducing solar energy penetration, you can reduce or slow heat gain. Now that’s an effective solution.

Another way solar window films improve overall efficiency is by helping to regulate temperatures inside your home year round. This means whether it’s summer or winter, your house will remain cozy and comfortable. How is this possible? Solar window films actually work as a layer of insulation on your glass locking in that cool air you’re paying for in the summer months and that warm air you’re paying for during the winter months. Unfortunately without window films our windows are basically voids where that air we pay for every month we have adjusted to just the right temperature can seep out. Again the risk is that air escaping through the windows can make us need to run our heating and cooling units twice as hard to break even. The more we run them, the more we pay. By reducing heat gain as mentioned in the above text and helping to maintain a comfortable temperature, we can reduce the total energy consumed monthly and save on our energy bill. See improving efficiency and function ultimately saves you money.

Speaking of improving function, solar window films also help to reinforce your glass. That added layer of protective film actually can work as a deterrent to theft and increase privacy. Yes I did say that window film can improve your security and privacy believe it or not. For starters window film comes in varying degrees of tint. The tint and reflective nature of the window film makes for looking inside your home incredibly difficult. Since most crooks aren’t interested in breaking into a home sight unseen, it can deter them from even selecting your home as a target. If they do however decide to try and break in, the window film will prevent them from easy access into your home. Due to the adhesive on the film and that added layer of protection the glass won’t shatter and will take lots of force and effort to break through. Window film is and investment that protects more than you from the sun, it also protects you from those prying eyes and greedy thieves. I could go on all day about the benefits of investing in solar film. From improving the look of your home from the outside in to increasing overall efficiency of your windows, you can’t go wrong with installing solar window film. Call us today at 623-780-4950 to speak with one of our experts about your options and get you on the schedule for a hassle free quote. We won’t disappoint. Our professionals at AZ Glass Tinting Glass Tinting come with knowledge, experience and quality service that can’t be beat. Want to see for yourselves? Check out our reviews on Facebook and the internet. We have many satisfied customers who would stand behind our statements. So what is there to lose? Pick up the phone and give us a call now.

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