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Solar window films are not new by any means. They have been around for ages. Originally designed by NASA for space shuttles to help protect astronauts in space, solar window film is a proven technology that just continues to get better with time as scientists tweak and fine tune it. So what is solar window film and how does it help cut down on heat? 

Solar window film is a window tint created by using different layers of polymer film to establish varying degrees of solar protection depending on which product is selected by the consumer. Window film can cut back on solar energy by more than half. Some films can eliminate up to 67 percent of the solar energy emitted by the sun. Solar energy is responsible for heat gain or the increase of internal temperatures inside a room. Now we all seem to have that one room in the house that just doesn’t cool off more than likely because it gets direct sun light and has poor circulation. Think about being able to reduce the solar energy in that room by up to nearly 70 percent. That would be a huge change. 

Other benefits associated with window film technology would be reduced glare and UV protection. These are benefits that traditional window treatments like blinds and curtains may not provide you. Glare occurs when light coming through the windows reflects off of surfaces like television screens and computer monitors. It can be incredibly distracting and create issues trying to work. Solar window film can cut out almost all glare for you making relaxing and working more efficient. Additionally solar window film can help cut out nearly 99 percent of UV rays known to cause skin damage, cancers and even ruin your furniture. 

Some non traditional benefits that come along with solar window film are increased privacy and security. Privacy can become an issue when you’re home and you have nosey neighbors walking by. Without window films they can see right in through the glass watching you cook, clean and even relax. By applying solar window film you reduce their ability to see in but don’t interfere with your ability to see out. By making it more difficult for others to see inside your home, you are putting up a barrier between you and thieves hoping to get an easy few bucks by breaking into your home. Since most burglars want to know what they are able to steal before going through with it, it’s less likely your home will become a target. Who knew solar window film could be a theft deterrent? 

When shopping for window film it can be incredibly confusing with so many options out there. There are different types of solar window film that exist for many reasons. Some film is created to cut down on light as well as heat. These films tend to be darker tints that others. Other films are designed to not only reduce light but also increase privacy. Privacy films often are mirrored films or opaque to disrupt prying eyes from being able to see in. Other options include decorative window film which comes in patterns, colors and even custom designs created by you. Every film has a different formula made for a very specific reason and that’s where we come in. Contacting a window film specialist like us here at AZ Glass Tinting can make shopping for solar film a simple and stress free experience. So pick up the phone and call us today at 623-780-4950. Allow our experts to guide you in the right direction and get you that hassle free quote. With over 30 years in the industry, you can’t go wrong trusting us with your business. 

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