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Whether at home or in the workplace, people always need a reliable solution to maintain privacy inside. Professional home developers often recommend installing aesthetic window tinting to help improve the overall aesthetics of the premises along with enhancing privacy measures.

In today’s day and age, thousands of people are searching for a simple way to enhance the overall appeal of their space, in both living rooms and conference rooms alike. Window tints can serve this purpose with their stylish appeal. Window films for a dramatic flair, a decorative finish, or to pull the rooms aesthetic together. These films can also be used on glass privacy partitions in the workplace, to allow for a more modern feel.AZ Glass Tinting offers the highest quality window tinting in Phoenix, at a great, all-inclusive price.

Recently, many studies have shown that natural lighting in the office is a high priority to a large percentage of office workers, even ranking #1 in some surveys. These same studies have shown that natural light increases productivity and happiness in the workplace, reducing turn-around time on projects. But on the other hand, sitting next to a window with bustling activity outside of it can be distracting. The solution is removable window films to allow light in, while keeping distracting activity out- without violating the terms of your lease. This also adds a high-end aesthetic feel to your work area.

How can window tinting benefit your building?

Retrofitting window films on your existing windows can help you maintain better aesthetics, productivity, and energy efficiency. Below we’ve listed a few points about why these tints are worth your investment:

Less glare and reduced bills:

High-quality window films can block the solar spectrum while minimizing the glare inside. These dangerous UV rays can otherwise pose damage to your skin, electronics, and even furnishings inside your building.

Sunlight is comprised of three different parts. The first part is invisible light. This near-infrared light produces large amounts of heat, leading to higher cost of temperature regulation in your building. By installing tinted window films, you can reduce electricity cost.

Visible light, the second part, corresponds to 44% of the total sunlight and is responsible for causing glare on screens, glass panels, and even watches. This glare bounces and can even cause damage to eyes when too concentrated in one area.

The third and final segment of sunlight is the UV rays. These rays make up 3% part of the sun rays, but they are more dangerous as they can cause skin cancer, fade furniture, and even cause damage to your flooring. With AZ Glass Tinting’s superior window films, your furniture and expensive décor pieces can maintain healthy appeal for the long run.

Knowing about the impact of these rays on your body and home may help you understand the importance of installing window tints. The highest quality of window tints is important to help you insulate your building from harmful sun rays while maintaining your perfect environment indoors in every season. In addition to keeping heat out in the summer, they also are designed to insulate your home and keep your heat in during the winter.

Custom transmission and reflections:

The reflective films on windows can ensure higher flexibility to the building occupants. The best thing to know about these films is that they are available in multiple colour ranges. Depending upon what kind of appeal you want for your home, you can easily pick a tint. The professionals at AZ Glass Tinting offer premium window tinting in the Phoenix area to help you maintain reflections on the premises.

Whether you are installing these films at your modern home or are planning to enhance the overall appeal of your office, our experienced professionals are trained help you choose the best films for your price range and color palete. Each film maintains a unique reflective look both inside and out.

Decorative patterns for better accent:

With the advancements in the manufacturing trends, it is now easier to find window films with unique decorative patterns. We offer a large variety of patterns, colors, and thicknesses to ensure you can find just what you are looking for. These films are designed to help you improve the aesthetics of your house with minimal effort on your part. We know that every household is unique, so we offer everything from stained-glass to frosted to bamboo style window films, and more.

For office arrangements, these gorgeous tinted windows can maintain a perfect work or retail environment for the occupants inside, by establishing just the right feel for your building. Whether you want purely decorative, or for temperature control and security as well, we have an aesthetic window tinting option to match your goals.

Security and safety of the occupants:

AZ Glass Tinting is proud to offer the best security films on the market to the Phoenix area. Each of these films are actually designed to hold glass fragments together, even when the glass gets hit hard, such as in a natural disaster or burglary attempt.

The main aim of these window films is to prevent scattering of the broken glass to reduce damage to your furniture and injury to the people inside. They also reduce water and wind damage by keeping rain and wind out of your premises, and help reduce looting attempts by holding the window in place even after it has shattered.

To put it simply, window films are the best choice to mitigate danger in the premises by avoiding glass-related hazards.

Key Takeaways of Aesthetic Window Tinting:

Aesthetic window tinting can transform simple window glass into a textured, patterned, and colorful appeal. When you hire professionals like ours to install these films at your home, they can promise smooth and bubble-free finish on windows.

As the popular Chinese proverb says, “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” So don’t wait to contact AZ Glass Tinting if you want to improve your home with a gorgeous new look. We are experts in installing high-quality window films for the best price available. You can book an appointment, get quotes and request more information here. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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