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Whether you are looking at building an office or commercial building, or needing ways to increase the efficiency and value of your building, these are great reasons why you should plan on installing solar window tinting on the windows of your building;

Planning ahead

It may seem like a small or insignificant item on the list when you are looking to build your own office or commercial building, but any architect worth his salt will be speaking to you about the benefits of installing windows that have some level of tinting on them.

While in the planning phase of your building, it is important to speak to your architect about including commercial window tinting from the beginning. This will be far cheaper and easier than retrofitting the window tinting as an after-thought.

Retrofitting is still an option

If you have taken over a building or renovating an existing site, retrofitting commercial window tinting is still an option and will start to save you money immediately with the added benefits and cost-saving on installation.

Whether it is for a simple front of office installation or a high-rise building downtown, adding this simple feature will change a lot for your business.

Benefits of Commercial Window Tinting


1) Increased Aesthetic Appeal

If you are looking for an aesthetic appeal for your building, there are many options available for your exterior window, which can change the look of your building. An option can include Reflective Window Film.

This can provide you with a degree of control overheat, reduce glare, and block harmful UV rays from penetrating your office. This mirror-like look often found on the high-rise buildings, which add to the overall appeal of the building. This window film is very aesthetically pleasing. At AZ Glass Tinting, we offer an extensive collection of hues, including softer and more natural colors.

2) Increased Security

Security is always high on the consideration list when looking into Commercial Window Tinting. There are various aspects to look at for this. If you have your windows on the ground floor,  blocking the view into your office will decrease the potential for break in’s.

Using window tinting as a deterrent will add to your overall peace of mind, add to your offering to your clients, that you are keeping their data and information safe as well as increase security for your staff.

There is also an option for a thicker commercial window tinting, which can reduce the opportunity of forced entries. The film is designed to hold the glass of the window in place if shattered. This will reduce the chance of burglary, any property damage, and even personal injury.

3) Increased Energy Efficiency

As a business, the bottom line is always under pressure. Reducing your energy bill is just one of the main benefits of installing Commercial Window Tinting. The interior heating from the sun’s rays or glare from outside,  directly affects how much air-conditioning you need to use.  In winter, the opposite is true. If you can retain the warmth of the interior, you can reduce your heating consumption.

Applying the window tinting can solve both these problems, by reducing the amount of sun penetrating the office during summer and then keeping the warmth inside during the cold winter months. Regulating the interior temperatures is a sure way to reduce your costs.

4) Providing a More Comfortable Workplace

Everyone aspires to have a window office, that is until they realize that they are exposed to the elements. The additional glare can cause a lot of additional eye strain and with staff sitting in front of a computer screen all day, this can significantly affect their output.

The application of window tinting, can reduce the direct sunlight streaming into the windows, reduce the harmful UV rays from penetrating the office, and reduce the glare that causes a fishbowl effect in the office. This also results in a softer light in the office, more balanced temperatures, and overall better comfort for all.

 5) Protect your Interior Furniture from sun exposure and damage

We all know how harsh the sun can be, and in environments where there is a constant stream of sunlight, the damage can be extensive.

Protecting everything from your blinds, carpets, couches, and furniture from the damaging UV rays and direct sunlight will help you have to replace them often.

By installing the Window Tinting, you can extend the life of your furnishings in the office by years.

AZ Glass Tinting offers an exceptional factory 15-year warranty on their films. That is how confident we are in providing you with that peace of mind.

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