Protecting your Company and Clients from Data Breaches with Commercial Window Film

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With the volume of data breaches and corporate espionage happening today, companies must be aware of their responsibility to comply with the federal privacy laws. If your company deals with personal information of any kind, you have a responsibility to ensure that your client’s data is protected.

How can commercial window tinting play a role in protecting your client’s privacy?

Whether you are on the ground floor of a building and need to ensure you are eliminating pedestrians peering into your windows and potentially seeing confidential information, or on the tenth floor, Commercial Window Film can be a fantastic solution to your privacy concerns. The various color options available can keep your building looking great while securing your premises. Adding reflective tinting to high rise buildings or windows on higher levels also reduces any breaches from neighboring buildings.

Office Partitioning for added security

Including decorative film on your interior office windows, boardroom windows, and office partitions will include that extra level of security and increase your data protection.

With the advent of open-plan offices, this is a critical element to include for your clients’ privacy rights.

It is no longer just to make the office look pretty and attractive, they play a serious role in conserving privacy in open-plan environments. There are several other situations where the Commercial Window Film can help keep your data and that of your clients safe.

Intellectual Property protection: The full spectrum of color and reflective films will keep your company data and that of your customers protected from prying eyes.

Break in’s: Windows with the Armorcoat film are more resilient to breaking, so they offer a deterrent to potential physical entries.

Explosions: The most common injuries post an explosion is from flying debris and glass shards. The Armorcoat glass bends and its bond holds the broken glass shards to the film.

Storms and natural disasters: The retention properties of the Armorcoat film, hold the windows and glass in-tact during high winds, tremors, hailstorms, and other unpredictable natural events.

AZ Glass Tinting has a variety of options available to ensure your business complies with the regulations and privacy laws.

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