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This holiday season, keeping your property safe and secure should be your number one priority. While offices might close down for several days, or you go to stay with your family, it is a prime time for criminals. There are many deterrents you can include to maximize your home or office’s security, from alarm systems to increased locks, but one of the most effective is the use of security film.

As the rest of us look to relax take some well-deserved downtime with friends and family after a challenging year, Christmas is one of the busiest periods for home and office burglaries. The lack of employees makes offices a prime target for criminals looking to steal equipment and data, while our homes are often packed with the latest gadgets and expensive gifts.

What is security film?

When it comes to protecting your property from criminals, your windows should be one of your primary focuses. The last glass panes are an open invitation to thieves, allowing them to not only see into your home or office but providing them with a weak entry point too.

Glass security film is a protective layer that is applied directly to your existing panes of glass. The unique film is designed to immediately strengthen the window and make it significantly more resistant to damage.

How security film can protect your property this holiday season

There are many benefits to adding window security film to your property, including:

  • Prevent prying eyes

Windows are designed to help flood your room with plenty of natural light. However, they also act as a gateway into your home or office for criminals. Installing security film allows you to block the view of any prying eyes from the outside without preventing any natural light from entering your premises.

Criminals are looking for easy wins, so when they are unable to see into a property, they are less likely to attempt to break into it.

  • Stop damage

Another significant benefit of installing security film to your home or office is that it helps to prevent any damage to your windows. High-quality security film helps to hold the glass together, preventing it from shattering or smashing. Not only does this help to prevent them from gaining entry, but it also adds additional safety to your property should an accident occur while your family or colleagues are inside.

  • Acts as a deterrent

Alongside preventing potential criminals from seeing into your home or office, security film also acts as a deterrent. The presence of film on your windows is often enough to make criminals leave, knowing that they have to work significantly harder in an attempt to gain entry, increasing their risk of being caught. 

  • Energy efficient

Of course, window security film is also able to provide your property with all of the usual benefits that solar film offers. Alongside removing solar glare, window film can also make your home or office more energy-efficient, reducing the cost of your energy bills.

How we can help

Are you looking to protect your home or office this holiday season? Here at AZ Glass Tinting, we have been providing the very best window film to commercial and residential customers for over 35 years.

Our high-quality security film is able to protect your property and deter any criminals who might be looking to target you this festive season. Want to find out more? Get in touch today!

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