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It is almost time for all of those new year’s resolutions.  Like most of us, you are probably considering what improvements you can be making for 2021. You may be thinking the usual: eat healthier or exercise more, but this year, what about a home makeover with decorative glass film?

Due to Covid-19 pandemic, we are spending more time at home. Either working from home permanently or spending more time at home due to lockdown restrictions or flexi-time.  Either way, this is the perfect time to give your home a new year’s resolution facelift with decorative window film.

Increasing your property value

Home improvements and maintenance can increase the value of your home. Whether you are looking to sell it soon, or maintain your investment, adding decorative window film to your inside or outside facing windows will instantly add value. Instead of replacing windows and doors, adding the decorative window film changes the look of the property.

Modernize your windows

There are so many designs to choose from. Selecting a classic style, decorative patterns, or texture changes the look and feel of your home. Adding a decorative window film to your inside windows or glass doors can change the look and feel right away. The film does not detract from the light and warmth that comes through your windows, so you add a beautiful design without sacrificing the light.

Increase your security

We may be spending more time at home, but so are our neighbors. By adding a decorative window film to your external windows, you increase your privacy in your home and keep out the nosy neighbors. The decorative film comes in various options that can ensure you can still see out of the windows, get light and warmth in, all while reducing the visual access into your home.

Cost-effective renovations

Changing the look and feel of your windows and glass doors can be a quick facelift to your property. The decorative window film option is cost-effective and can be just the renovation you are looking for.

Reduce your energy costs

Making use of deco window film on your external windows can optimize your energy efficiency. By retaining the warmth in your home, you can reduce your use of heating, and in doing so, reduce your energy bills.

So if you are thinking of a home renovation project as your new year resolution, consider the options available to you with our decorative window film catalog. We have so many design options available to you, and one of our skilled consultants would be happy to discuss the options with you.

For more information on our decorative designs, please click here.

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