Commercial Property Renovations – New Year, New Look

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Commercial Property Renovations

As resolutions abound, there are some great options available for affordable facelifts to your commercial property. If you are contemplating some commercial property renovations, consider decorative window films for an instant refreshing look to your office building.

Exterior Window Upgrades

A straightforward and cost-effective way to do an instant facelift on your building’s external windows is by adding decorative window films. There are many options to choose from. The reflective film helps reduce the sun’s glare and heat penetrating your offices while lowering your energy costs. By reducing the solar glare with the help of the window film, your staff can be far more comfortable with less reliance on aircon units. Reflective film can also increase the aesthetic look of the outside of your building. Turn a drab exterior into a modern-looking building instantly.

Various decorative films can also be used to showcase the windows without reducing the view from inside the building. You can choose many patterns to suit the image and style of the building and your brand.

Increase Your Security

Decorative window films add a layer of security to your commercial building. Whether you are on the ground floor or have a high rise building, these commercial property renovations can increase your security. Not only can it make it more difficult for would-be thieves to see into your building, but the smash-proof film reduces the opportunities to break the glass. Most intruders are opportunists, so they won’t want to steal what they cannot see.

Adding reflective or decorative film to your exterior windows also increases your security of sensitive documents or even secures your visitor’s and clients’ privacy.

Pretty Privacy

Internally, using decorative window film on your boardroom or conference room windows and office partitions is a fantastic way to increase office privacy.

Using the window film on the boardroom or conference room windows can maintain a level of discretion and ensure the office aesthetics remain attractive.

With some insight into who is using the room, it can reduce disturbances from other staff opening the door only to find the room is in use.

In open-plan office situations, using decorative window film on the glass partitions increases the office’s overall look while still giving some level of privacy between desks.

The benefits of glass partitions with the decorative film is an increase in light in the office. Solid sections often give the impression of closed-off areas, reduce light flow through the office, and isolate staff from each other. By opening up space, everyone can feel part of a unit instead of not being able to see their co-workers.

The decorative film still offers a level of separation and privacy, without a total lockout.

Commercial Property Renovations

For more information on how Decorative Window Film can assist with your commercial property renovations or for a consultation to see all the options available to you, please get in touch by filling in the form here, or contact us at (480) 730 5566 or (623) 780 4950.

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