Curb Energy Bills as the Weather Heats Up

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With summer on its way, you need to find new avenues to reduce your household energy bills. Did you know that the household energy bill in Arizona can average between $300 and $600 a month? It is no wonder that everyone is starting to look for innovative and cost-effective ways to save money.

Curb Energy use at home

First off, you want to keep the cool temperatures inside your home and the scorching heat outside. There are several benefits to ensure that this happens. When you install residential window film on your exterior windows, you maximize your air-cooling systems in your home. Window film neutralizes heat and prevents your home from heating up from the sun’s powerful rays.

Secondly, when you install residential window films, you can keep the harsh sunlight out of your home. Reducing the heat penetrating your living areas will automatically reduce the heat you will need to cool down inside your home. There is an instant reduction of the glare coming in through your windows with the added benefit of UV protection of your home.

A third benefit is, of course, reducing the wear and tear of your drapes, curtains, furniture, and carpets. The sun is a killer when it comes to fading the interior of your home. Knowing how harsh the Phoenix weather is, you will save money in the long run by not having to replace your furniture, carpets, and drapes as often.

Using a Phoenix licensed contractor

There is a saying that goes, “penny wise and pound foolish.” We know that the cheapest option may not be the right one. When you use a licensed contractor to make the recommendations that are right for you and your needs, as well as a professional installation, you know you will get the job done well.

A professional installation will last far longer than a cheaper option. You must out for your contractor’s references and ratings before deciding on a residential window film installation.

AZ Glass Tinting has many years in the industry and, being a resident of the Phoenix area, understands what it takes to ensure the job will last the journey. The consultation starts with an assessment of the client’s needs. AZ Glass Tinting will make recommendations that are right for you, your home, and your budget.

Designs that will give your home a facelift

There are so many fabulous designs to choose from in the residential film range. Not only can you ensure that the film is functional, but also beautiful. Your home will get an instant facelift. It is far cheaper to do a residential window film installation than a remodel of your home or apartment. A film will improve your security, remove the options of passers-by looking into your home, provide additional privacy, and still look beautiful.

If you are not keen on a color or pattern on your film, you can select a clear option that will still protect your home from the sun’s damaging effects. A slight window tint will improve the insulation of your home for an instant result. A residential window film installation will be cheaper for homes with single-pane windows than upgrading to energy-efficient insulated glass.

Ensure you make your consultation appointment with the specialists so you get the best advice and options for your home. Don’t waste money on prospects that will not meet the high standards required to ensure your installation’s longevity, choosing the correct film for the glass you have in your home and a professional installation you will be proud of.

Contact AS-Solarcontrol on (480) 730-5566 or (623) 780-4950 or pop us a message here. For additional tips and options follow our Facebook page.

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