Maintenance 101: Clean and Care for Newly Treated Windows

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Imagine you’ve just installed solar film on the windows in your home or business and are delighted by the results. You’re enjoying a more comfortable, glare free environment. Then it hits you. You’ve made a smart but sizable investment in your home or office and now you must clean and care for your tinted windows properly in order to reap the benefits far into the future. Fortunately, cleaning of tinted windows is relatively easy and just takes a bit of care.

What is window film curing and how long does it take?

Keep in mind that tinted windows take several days to a few weeks to completely cure. If the temperature outside is high or windows receive direct sunlight, it may take less time to cure. While windows that receive direct sunlight or are in areas with lower temperatures may take a bit longer. You can still expect that the moisture remaining between the window film and the glass after installation will take some time to evaporate. This can cause a hazy, streaky, blotchy appearance or bubbling.

After this moisture has evaporated, your tinted windows should have excellent clarity and be free from imperfections. During the curing period, be extra careful about any physical contact with your window tinting film. Allow your window tinting to fully cure before washing or interacting with your windows. Keep curious pets and children from touching the windows as scratching may occur even after cleaning of tinted windows.

When is cleaning of tinted windows ideal and how?

We recommend that you wait a week after window film products have been installed before cleaning tinted windows. After a week, you can use a soft cloth or rubber squeegee to clean the windows. Always avoid introducing debri to the surface of the window while cleaning. When using a rubber squeegee take care when going across the edges of the film. AZ Glass Tinting recommends cleaning with warm water and a gentle, ammonia-free cleanser. Never scrape window film with any type of blade or clean your tinted windows with anything harsh or abrasive. This will scratch the film!

What if I accidentally damage or scratch the film?

Take special care to ensure your tinted windows do not become scratched or chipped. While the films we install are covered by a comprehensive manufacturer’s warranties, they do not cover window film that has been damaged while cleaning. If the window film becomes scratched or cloudy from an abrasive cleanser, it can’t be repaired. The only solution for scratched or damaged film is to scrape and replace the film. If your window film has been damaged or you observe any imperfections, notify AZ Glass Tinting immediately. We can help assess whether or not the issue is covered under a warranty.

What do I need to replace the window film in the future?

While we hope your window film lasts a lifetime, we’re here to help should you need to replace damaged film or install new film on a window that has been replaced. It’s always a good idea to keep a record of your original invoice and warranty paperwork. We keep detailed records but having an invoice number at the ready when contacting us, can expedite the process. It will also make matching the original tint quicker and easier. It’s also helpful to have the dimensions of the window and its location readily available. We strive to make the replacement process as smooth as possible.is 

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