Why You Should Get Film In The Winter

When we reach out to people who requested information about window film in the winter months, we seem to get a lot of the same responses. That response is “I’ll just wait until summer comes back around and then I’ll get it done.” But why wait? Is summer a better time to get tint done? Why do people only associate … Read More

Breaking Down The Savings With Solar Film

Prospective customers call us all of the time asking what the benefits of window film are. Well honestly the list just goes on and on. We could write a novel on the benefits and how they can help you. One of the biggest benefits is saving money. Who doesn’t want to see savings and even put money back in their … Read More

Get Security And Privacy At Reasonable Cost

Security Windows

It’s that time of year again where greedy thieves capitalize on the holiday season to make some easy cash. People peer into windows and check trash cans for evidence of what goodies you may have inside. The average family spends around $1000-1500 on new gifts to put under the tree for their loved ones. This is enticing to burglars looking … Read More

How To Protect Your Home With Window Films

Homeowners these days are all about aesthetics and what looks good in a home. The “open feel” that windows can provide is a highly desired attribute. The more windows, the more desirable property. Some homes boast window walls that allow for viewing from floor to ceiling and wall to wall. It’s absolutely stunning but more windows means more risk. What … Read More

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Solar Film

Solar window films offer opportunities for homeowners and business owners to make a sensible investment in their home or office. What we all know about window film is the obvious, that they help reduce the amount of sun that enters your room. However there are many facts people aren’t as familiar with regarding thermal films from companies like us here … Read More

Understanding The Language Of Solar Film

Questions About Window Tinting

Solar window film is an amazing investment. However, shopping for solar films can be  intimidating and incredibly confusing. There’s so many choices and different terms that you have most likely never heard of. It’s easy as a consumer to feel overwhelmed and discouraged. We recommend contacting your local solar window film professional like us here at Arizona Solar Control to get … Read More

How To Update Your Home With Film

Does your home need some updating? Here are some ways to update your home with window film. It’s time to think outside the box and keep some money in your pocketbook. Curb appeal is absolutely everything when you own your home. As far as creating value goes, the first thing anyone see is the exterior of your property from the … Read More

Quick List Of Facts

Solar window film has been around for decades. Most people were unaware of it or had misconceptions until recently because solar window film was used mostly commercially. Now that it’s prevalent in both commercial and residential properties, the interest in it continues to grow. Unfortunately the internet is full of bad information. As experts in the industry for over 30 … Read More

Setting The Record Straight

There are so many myths surrounding solar window film. Here are some of the most prominent ones and the greatest hesitations from prospective clients. The benefits of solar film far outweigh any hesitations. Myth: Window films cause glass breakage. False. Solar window films are almost never the single cause of glass breakage on existing glass. Most glass breaks as a … Read More

Our Frequently Asked Questions

Solar window films are increasing in popularity and for great reason. Once used traditionally for commercial use, homeowners are now taking full advantage of the benefits of solar window films for residential use. As one of the top window film professionals in the valley we do receive a ton of questions from potential customers. Here are some frequently asked questions … Read More