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Whether you live in a wealthy neighborhood or a more typical neighborhood, all homeowners are at risk for glass breakage. Glass breakage can occur from vandalism, burglary, or from the forces of mother nature. We often get asked “how can we protect ourselves?” from our customers.

As entrepreneurs in the window film and glass industry, we get that question a lot. We sell and install solar window films also known as window tinting. Window film has come such a long way from when it was originally created in the mirrored film days. Now you can get a film to match your decor, in practically any color, and they serve a number of purposes.

Now the benefits of window film include cost savings on energy bills, reduced heat and glare, and protection against glass breakage. Certain films are made to protect homeowners and businesses from the threat of broken glass. These security films are designed with the intent of preventing the glass from shattering all over the room. How does it work?

Shatterproof films are applied to the window, they are thick and often scratch resistant. The installation of this film improves the structural integrity of the window by adding an additional barrier. In the instance that a burglar tries to break the window to enter your home or that sudden storm threatens your windows, the security film will help hold the window together stopping the glass shards from going everywhere creating a safety risk for those inside.

Having security film installed is an easy process when you choose the right company. We will come out and measure your windows to provide you with your free expert estimate. Our experts will suggest several products that will best suit your needs for your windows. After the estimate is performed we can do the installation. Our technicians custom cut and fit our window film onto your windows to make it virtually seamless. Some films are essentially undetectable to the human eye. We add additional caulking between the film and your window frames to add additional protection that will help keep the film and window in tact.

The film has an adhesive on it that keeps it in place on your windows and holds the glass together should any window damage occur. Security window films are a low cost solution that eliminate the need for unsightly security bars on your windows. By installing security window film you can improve the look of your home and give your family peace of mind with additional protection for everyone inside. Get that protection from burglars, storms, and vandalism with security window films.

Call us today to get a free quote 623-780-4950. I don’t think there’s a person I know who doesn’t want to do everything they can to protect their family. Security window film is an easy option to improve the security of your home without breaking the bank.




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